Mayor Barrett pledges funding for more officers: “Public safety is gonna be, by far, the biggest portion of my budget”

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has pledged funding for more police officers will be the biggest part of his proposed budget.

On Tuesday, September 6th, Mayor Barrett wasn't sharing details about his proposed public safety budget -- just that there will be a request for more funding. What he was willing to say was that his proposal is sure to upset a lot of people.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

"I can guarantee you I can get everybody mad at me on this issue because there is a split in the community," Mayor Barrett said.

That split is over how Milwaukee should respond to one of the most tumultuous months in it history. August 2016 saw two nights of major disorder after the police shooting of Sylville Smith, a suspect said to have been armed. It was also the deadliest month in 25 years -- with 24 people murdered.

Unrest in Milwaukee

Unrest in Milwaukee

MKE unrest

unrest in MKE

Milwaukee firefighters face challenges during unrest

Milwaukee firefighters face challenges during unrest

"We`re gonna give you more information. Not surprisingly, public safety is gonna be, by far, the biggest portion of my budget," Mayor Barrett said.

As for what that funding should look like, a draft released by the Milwaukee Common Council calls for more than 280 new officers and an emphasis on beat cops and traffic enforcement.

Public Safety Action Plan

Public Safety Action Plan

Alderman Bob Donovan chairs the Public Safety Committee and is the driving force behind the Public Safety Action Plan -- but referred all questions Tuesday to Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton.

Hamilton did not immediately respond to a request for comment from FOX6 News.

Those with other groups, like Urban Underground, said new funding should go elsewhere.

Sharlen Moore

Sharlen Moore

"There`s a variety of programs and organizations that are doing fantastic work. We just have to figure out how do we support them more so they can increase their reach?" Sharlen Moore with Urban Underground said.

Mayor Barrett said his plan will cover both MPD and community groups.

"The police are obviously a very important part of what we`re trying to do for public safety -- but we look at other factors when it comes to public safety as well. How much we`re putting into the programs that will deal with issues like crime prevention, violence reductions, summer jobs," Mayor Barrett said.

roll call

Barrett is scheduled to present his proposed budget to the Common Council later in September.

The council will have two public input sessions on its Public Safety Action Plan. Those dates and locations are still yet to be determined.



    That dude is on some bad crack. We don’t need more police. MPD does great. We need more prisons & judges with testicles. Protect me not them!! So simple!! The Police know these repeat guys on a first name basis. DA? His office is worthless.

  • leaving kilwaukee

    The only reason this idiot is even running his mouth is Kilwaukee is running for the one of the most deadly cities in OBONGOS kingdom 90 days from now every thing will be the same if Kilwaukee is still standing


    What would Harold Brier say? It would be cool to get John Gurda drunk and listen to his thoughts of what this city has become. He probably would cry about the state of a once nice city. Nobody has the balls to say the reason. If you are old enough, you heard tons of Polish jokes. The Polish left the south side to expand everywhere. Then the Hispanics moved in. I respect the Hispanic race 10 times over. Us Germans had the north side. I drive there once in a while. Sad!! ( I was born in the UP. my family came down here to make some $$ & we stayed). Every other race has come to the USA & made something of their presence. Not sure of today’s proper word is for people of color. But boy, they sure are not doing much good. I was out west at a national park & saw a sign saying “Don’t feed feed the bears as they will get dependent on it” I thought Crap, that is what we have done to the people of color in Milwaukee.

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    Enough money has been spent on the goofy community groups. Let the police do their jobs , start locking the criminal element up and throw away the key!

  • Frank B

    Forest gump said it best. Stupid is as stupid does. You can’t fix stupid by throwing money at it everyone has the same opportunities in this country I wish these agitating hate groups would realize that we aren’t living in the 50’s or 60’s anymore. Look at the statistics and actually become educated before you embarrass yourself. there are soooo many programs available to help people who actually want help. Life is simple treat others as you would like to be treated. Hold people responsible for their actions. If you don’t they won’t learn what is and what is not acceptable in a civilized society. And the media has to stop covering these idiots and giving them their popularity. Many people are sheep and just follow the herd no matter if the herd is right or wrong

  • Don Keedix

    During the election for mayor, Bob Donovan said he would hire more officers in response to increasing levels of crime. Tom Barrett’s response to this was to question Donovan where he would find the money in the budget to hire these officers.Donovan said he would find the money, but Barrett implied there was no room in the budget to hire additional officers. So what has changed Mayor? Where is this money coming from to hire these new officers? Was the money for additional officers there the whole time and youjust didn’t think it was necessary? It would be nice if there was someone in the media that would ask these questions.

  • confused

    Is Sharlen Moore related to Gwen Moore? And yes it does have a lot to do with where the $ goes. Can never have enough cops but they are only part of the equation, we need attorneys and judges who need to say no more of these programs. Off to jail you go. For a long time. This continual community outreach program, church involvement, it’s not working.


    FRANK B & CONFUSED and others, So right!. Stop the bulls–t & just lock up the trash. So simple that is embarrassing Protect me not them.

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