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Clergy members set to protest at Wisconsin Capitol

Wisconsin State Capitol

Wisconsin State Capitol

MADISON— A group of clergy members is set to converge on the state Capitol to protest a litany of issues ranging from poverty to hatred.

The protest Monday, dubbed a “Higher Ground Moral Day of Action” is one of 30 demonstrations set to take place at state Capitol buildings and city halls nationwide.

The protests are part of the “Moral Monday” movement that began in April 2013 to rail against conservative policies that advocates say hurt the poor and minorities. The Rev. Will Barber, who gained national attention when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention, is leading the protest in Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital.

The demonstrators play to present a declaration calling for government leaders to move away from extremist policies.


  • Really? Clergy protesting laws?

    Yes, let the clergy protest to move away from extremist policies such as making it illegal to hide clergy accused of molesting the kids to another church to they can do it again, or hiding money so that it can’t be used to pay the victims of clergy abuse, or clergy that steal from the church so they can live in giant houses with several cars… it’s all “do as I say, not as I do”…

    • Chattipatti

      You are so right, I tried to explain to my (black) family and they would not listen. They don’t understand that those libs are keeping them enslaved. I stop drinking the mess they were given a long long time ago, no one can make up my mind. I do my research, I read, and I watch, if they keep electing people who promise and don’t deliver then they deserve what they get.

  • Angel

    It’s all about the blacks, they’re not getting enough. Will you Mr. Mayor just admit it, they need to get a job. I’m tired of giving them my fixed income.

  • Libsareliars

    So these so called clergy members are going to protest against conservative policies. So liberal policies like abortion get your guys approval? Hmmm and you clergy members are supposed to preach the word of God? I think your heads see screwed on backwards.

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