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“Apply yourself:” Mobile Job Centers launch in Milwaukee following last month’s unrest

MILWAUKEE -- $4.5 million is coming from the state to Milwaukee following last month's unrest. Most of that money will be dedicated to helping people on Milwaukee's north side find jobs.

Mobile Job Access Point Center

Mobile Job Access Point Center

Monday, we asked the the Department of Workforce Development for an update on this plan. By late afternoon, we were told the program would kick off a the Employee Milwaukee office Tuesday.

The public was invited to the debut of the "Mobile Job Access Point Centers." Besides job search information, people can learn about training programs and services like food stamps.

Shanta Winters is applying for a job with an optimistic approach.

Mobile Job Access Point Center

Mobile Job Access Point Center

"It's not hard. You just gotta apply yourself. It ain't hard finding a job, you just gotta want it," said Winters.

Out of the state's $4.5 million investment, $2.5 is going to this job program, the other $2 million will be dedicated to the demolition of vacant houses in the city.

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was on hand to sell the plan Tuesday.

"Getting people jobs and the skills they need in order to stay employed will end up being the best thing we could do for this state budget as a whole," said Kleefisch.

Rebecca Kleefisch

Rebecca Kleefisch

If Tuesday is any indication, once challenge for the program might be making people aware of it. FOX6 News saw few people in the Access Point while there.

Winters says another obstacle to address is helping people get to the jobs.

"Most of the time, it's mainly transportation. Not everybody has transportation to get back and forth," said Winters.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he's heard this before and is challenging employers to consider moving or expanding into the city.

Mayor Tom Barrett

Mayor Tom Barrett

"Given what's happened in this community over the last month, I'm hopeful that many individuals in the business community will say not only is it good business, but it's the right thing to do as well," said Barrett.

The Mobile Job Access Point Centers are scheduled to happen once a week, for the next five weeks, moving to a different location each week.

Winters says her application is a step toward her long-term goal of becoming a nurse.

Shanta Winters

Shanta Winters

"This right here is going to put my feet through the door, just for income at the moment," said Winters.

There was also an announcement on Tuesday, that the Center for Healthcare Careers, which is a partnership of the largest health companies in the area, is pledging to fill 450 jobs with people who've applied through the jobs access program.

Next Tuesday, the job access program will be set up at Parklawn Assembly of God Church near Sherman Park. DWD officials say each mobile job access center is open from 9am-7pm.

Job Center Access Point

Job Center Access Point


  • Dylan

    Awesome idea..people.please.remember if you have a criminal record.this greatly limits job possibilities a felony you cant be a.police officer…a nurse..a cna.a bank teller..any type of bonded job…employers will do background check. You wont pass…patents please teach your kids criminal activity scars you theft..drug dealing..drug possession…criminal activity…is a life sentence

  • Opinion8d

    More wasted taxpayer money. It’s not ‘from the State’, it’s from the TAXPAYERS!!! Enough is enough! $2.5 M for 5 weeks of activity??? On top of that, it’s probably redundant of what other agencies are probably claiming they do! And then what’s the $2M for Kleefisch?? To promote this? Is that right?? Ridiculous!! It’s just a symbolic, albeit expensive gesture to keep the people dependent. If someone wants a job, they don’t need this. If there were out protesting, they don’t want a job. Instead we waste millions -that could fund some police officers!

  • Dave

    HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of guaranteed jobs available at GOOD wages, and the place was literally —- EMPTY.
    Yet only two weeks ago in EXACTLY the SAME area, when they were giving away —FIVE TONS of FREE FOOD— the lines went around the block.
    Doesn’t sound much like a “community” that really wants “jobs or opportunities” — just as many FREEBIES as possible.

    Wake up politicians, this is a FARCE and a GIGANTIC waste of time and taxpayer MONEY, with NO — return.
    But I guess you can always point to this “effort” when election time comes around, and USE it, to get that black vote.

    • Opinion8d

      Excellent point Dave about the long lines for the Food Giveaway. The sad part is the politicians know it’s all a farce -they just need to buy votes with OUR money!!

  • killdahoodrats

    Fewer than 1% of the north side population will show up. They get paid more on foodstamps, welfare, housing assistance, medical, WIC and Badger care than any jobs they are qualified to hold will pay. It’s more beneficial to keep pumping out kids and reaping freebees.

  • deletedagain

    Kudows to the few people that showed up for this. These people deserve help. It’s obvious that the community as a whole doesn’t want help or deserve it. Stop the undeserved money going into these areas.

  • PH

    Nobody, showed up? Are you kidding me? All I hear from the people in the North side, is there ain’t no jobs, wasn’t that why they rioted?

  • confused

    Transportation is an issue? Aren’t there buses that run, you may have to transfer,but people with jobs do this EVERY day TO and FROM work. Car pool, ride share, some companies even PAY part or all of bus/ride share costs. Commuting can take an hour each way, but workers do it.Too bad more are willing for the free food and section 8 when the lines wrap around the block and people line up before it opens. More were out rioting then wanting a job, yet said they were “unrested” because there were no jobs – I hope the ones that showed get a good job and stick with it.

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