“Chaos day in and day out:” Residents voice concerns over Pokemon Go in Milwaukee Co. parks

MILWAUKEE -- It's an international craze that's taken over parks here in the Milwaukee area. Pokemon Go has been such a hot game and hot topic when it comes to the throngs of people gathering in certain areas to play it.

On Tuesday morning, September 13th the community weighed in as the county tries to regulate some of the issues near Lake Park -- which is the most active site in the Midwest.

Pokemon Go public hearingHeads down, phone swiping and seemingly wandering...

"Pokemon Go has affected Lake Park like no other park in the system," said Will Slaughter, resident who wants Pokemon Go traffic regulated.

Since early summer, thousands of people have crowded Milwaukee area parks eager to play Pokemon Go.

"We do not expect this type of chaos day in and day out, every single day," said Kelly Schmidt, resident living near Lake Park.

Some residents living near poke stops are fed up with the fad.

"[I] can no longer cross the street, can no longer bike or walk to Lake Park," said Schmidt.

"Why does the county allow Niantic Labs and its $500 billion corporate parents to operate a commercial and entertainment enterprise on county property -- which destroys and degrades park property," said Slaughter.

Pokemon Go public hearing

Pictures were distributed during Tuesday's pubic hearing -- which showed trash and destruction left behind,  supposedly by game plays. But game supports claim it's not them.

"I've never seen any of the disrespectful behaviors I've heard. The Pokemon crowd is great," said Jake Jacobson, Pokemon Go player.

"There are things that can be done to embrace something like this," said Dennis Blazer, Pokemon Go player.

Pokemon Go public hearingThe Parks Energy and Environment Committee says the county has.

The County Board and Counsel has issued a letter to Niantic, who developed the game, asking it to create a means for responsible management, but hasn't received a reply.

"I think we need a response. We could have a solution for the Pokemon crew, for neighbors. There's many things we could do to make the community whole, lets move them to Veterans Park, let's have Pokemon festival in areas that have bathrooms and parking facilities," said Sheldon Wasserman, District 3 Supervisor.

A representative for the County Executive agrees there should be a way to accommodate traditional park-goers, and those on the go for Pokemon.

The Corporation Counsel says authorities are enforcing the law where it applies and citations have been imposed for violators. Several hundred have been written so far.

CLICK HERE to read a report on Pokemon Go sites within Milwaukee County Parks


  • Kyle Heinemeier

    Once again a video game gets blamed for something political as a scapegoat. This is absolutely atrocious, I have thousands of pokemon go players on my property day in and day out, they don’t bother me at all even the local park which is also a pokespot is not trashed at all. They just want a scapegoat so they can hide the blame from themselves

  • Erica M.

    I had my wedding this past weekend (9-10), we paid Milwaukee County to have our photos taken there. We had no idea about the Pokémon Go until we pulled up and got off of our bus. Our wedding photos were RUINED by Pokémon Go, none of the pictures I wanted were able to be shot because of all of the people walking around. It took 4 groomsmen to block people from just walking in front of the photographer. We were limited to 2 small corners in the park for our photos. The worst part was that people were going in circles around the park, we saw the same people dozens of time. They clearly did not care that a wedding party was there to get photos, no one appeared to stop and wait for us to finish. All the money we spend on our wedding day and the photography, and it was all ruined by this game and the people playing it. =(

    • grunt

      It’s a shame that people enjoying the park, the park that was designed and intended for enjoying, ruined your wedding, princess.
      Maybe your wedding ruined people enjoying the park.

  • GC

    here and idea stop spending tax money on these parks and studies to get people out to the parks and do away with the Parks Energy and Environment Committee since these people are just wasting tax dollars

  • Ash Ketchum

    Everyone complaining about this game is silly, people are finally getting outdoors again, enjoying nature and visiting local parks and people want to complain. Don’t worry, the fad is almost over and all you ho hums can have your park back.

  • kk

    I am disappointed in the response that the game stops could be moved to Veteran’s Park. Just because wealthy residents live closer to Lake Park and have the wherewithal to complain and raise a fuss does not mean they own the park or that “non-desirables” should not be allowed to do as they please in the park. Veteran’s Park contains war memorials that would be a shame to see destroyed by the foot traffic of Pokemon Go and is not a solution to the problem.

    • Chasley937

      I agree. I was just there and saw nothing that would be a violation of anything other than rich people thinking “their park” is being violated. You want piece and quiet? Move out to the country. So sick ove the privileged expecting “handouts” in the form of their standards of grass space and parking.

  • Oh My

    People complaining about
    others using the park as its intended use? What’s next? They’re going to complain about how streets have too many cars?

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