Color rush uniforms unveiled: Packers will wear white in game against the Bears on Oct. 20th

GREEN BAY — The Green Bay Packers have unveiled the color-rush uniforms for their matchup against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field on Thursday night, October 20th.

The Packers will be donning all white — while the Bears will be sporting dark navy.


  • unicorns and rainbows

    Another reason I’m losing interest in this league. The NFL should not mandate the alteration of a historic teams uniform.

  • Peter Bratwursteater

    Ted Perry thinks all the unis are ridiculous. Has he seen haircut? What the hell is that on top of his hea


    i like them, a white helmet to match would be nice, I love tradition but big deal people its not like this is their new uniform forever, if its once a year they wear it big deal.

    (Black would be awesome as well!!!)

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