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Kids say at least two clowns chased them from Georgia bus stop

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MACON, Ga. -- Several kids in Georgia say they were chased away from their bus stop Tuesday morning by people dressed like clowns, according to WRDW.

The kids were reportedly walking to the bus stop at about 6:30 a.m. when they saw at least two men dressed in black with a clown mask and a red wig.

The kids said they saw the men coming toward them between two trailers, so they started running.

"And I told my brother to run and scream as loud as he can," said 12-year-old Cameron Frails.

They were able to make it away and get to their parents, who called 911 and alerted local authorities.

Clowns have been sighted in several different locations to date, most notably in North Carolina, South Carolina and now, Georgia.

Though several of the sightings have been proven false, police say the investigation is ongoing and they will continue to follow up on leads.

"My mom is going to take us to school and drive us up to the bus stop from now on," Frails said.


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      Yes. It is very important for clowns to get up early in the morning and get their 30 minutes of exercise in. Those balloons are not going to blow up by themselves. Each kid should carry around a rubber chicken. When a clown comes close, throw the chicken one way and run the opposite way.

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