Assembly Democrats demand hearings on Governor Walker documents

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

MADISON — Assembly Democrats want hearings on whether documents leaked to a newspaper show Republican Gov. Scott Walker committed any wrongdoing by asking corporate executives to donate to a conservative group supporting his recall campaign.

Rep. Dana Wachs, a member of the Assembly judiciary committee, said Friday he wants the panel to hold hearings within two weeks.

Republicans control the committee, making it unlikely any such hearings would take place. A spokeswoman for committee Chairman Jim Ott said nobody has contacted Ott about hearings.

Prosecutors launched a probe in 2012 into whether Walker illegally coordinated with Wisconsin Club for Growth during his recall campaign. The state Supreme Court stopped the investigation last year.

The Guardian released leaked documents Wednesday showing Walker and his fundraisers contacted business executives to give the club money.

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  • confused

    Wouldn’t the leaked documents be considered inadmissible since they were supposed to be sealed and were leaked and made public? The voters spoke 3 times, he won 3 times. Let it go, give up. It’s only a couple more years. By the time enough signatures would be gathered for another recall, it will be election time for real. Don’t wasted any more $ and time on this. Focus on shootings, carjackings, thefts. stabbings, rapes etc.

    • Here We Go Again

      I agree with you, Confused. The Dems need to stop acting like children and work on the issues. This really is such a waste of time and money. I liked it much better when all the Dems cleared the state for a couple days.

    • grunt

      Gov. Walker honestly and fairly won three elections, despite the out of state money, hostile takeover of our capitol, temper tantrum of the left, fleeing the state by elected officials, John Doe witch hunt,… The list goes on.
      I recall Walker winning three times.
      Get over it.