Target gets rid of kid-sized ‘demon mini carts’ after backlash from moms

NEW YORK -- Target got rid of kid-sized shopping carts after a backlash from shoppers who ridiculed them as irritating and even demonic.

Target introduced the kiddie carts in a handful of stores last year and expanded the test in New York and Minnesota last month. But they didn't last long. In fact, they're already gone.

The backlash gained steam when Laura Rinas, a Minneapolis mother who writes the blog Laughing Without Limits, wrote that the newly introduced "vehicle of mass destruction" ruined her otherwise "magical" shopping experience at Target.

Last week she started a movement called Moms Against Stupid Tiny Carts. Other shoppers quickly joined in. The anger seemed to stem from the recklessness of the carts' diminutive drivers.

"I share this mom's struggle!" Kara Stemig wrote. "BAN ALL KID CARTS!"

Not everyone was happy to see them go. Other parents tweeted photos of their toddlers happily steering and loading up their little carts.

Target removed the carts because of repeated complaints and is trying to figure out what to do with them, spokeswoman Molly Snyder said. Target will still offer carts for children with special needs, which it introduced last year.

Rinas later wrote that she received some social media backlash of her own.

"Did I deserve comments that called me lazy, that called my kids zombies, that decided I was some selfish sloth that decided to make life hard for everyone because I didn't get my way at a store that owes me nothing?" she wrote.

She did not immediately respond to an email from CNNMoney.

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  • confused

    yeah, it’s Targets fault . omg mom and dad. PARENT your kid. When little carts came out years a go at the grocery store, my boys couldn’t wait to shop. One rule, you run with it and bash things, you are going to ride in the baby seat of mom’s cart and the next shopping trip, you stay with a sitter. Never had an issue. They were polite. Mummsy would put down the smart phone and parent her kids instead of letting them run and bash and maybe stop taking the kids aderol so she can lose weight?

  • guest77

    My local grocery store has carts similar to this. I’ve never seen any children calmly pushing the little cart through the store, shopping with their parent(s). Every child’s goal is to race that cart around the store as fast as he/she can. I’ve been slammed into many times by someone’s “special snowflake,” not to mention how many elderly shoppers I’ve seen attacked as well. Can’t say anything to the parents; they’ll just laughingly apologize or completely deny any wrongdoing. You can glare at the kid, for all the good that does. Yes, the little carts are cute; so are baby ducklings. But if your kids can’t/don’t/won’t behave, turning them loose in public with a weapon of mass destruction isn’t going to help matters. Threatening them with future banishment from shopping trips doesn’t do anything. Pick It Up and Remove It from the store immediately. Screw your shopping trip, mine is more important anyway.

  • Kanye South

    Millennial’s have destroyed this country with their wussy fits. Furthermore, quit texting whilst your driving your minivans it’s really annoying and not very safe. Leave the kids play with the damn carts at least they don’t text.