Video shows woman exchanging gunfire with burglars during home invasion

GWINNETT COUNTY, Georgia -- Startling security video shows a woman shooting at three men during a home burglary in Georgia.

One suspect died, and police are still looking for the other two suspects.

The video shows the men break through the door to the home with their guns drawn.

The woman then rushed from her bedroom and started firing her gun. She exchanged gunfire with the suspects, and the video shows drywall debris clouding the home. One man rushed through a glass door.

"It's not common that we receive this caliber of surveillance video showing the crime unfold," said Gwinnett County Cpl. Deon Washington.

The man who died was shot in the torso. Police are now trying to find out if the home was specifically targeted.

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    Good for her….That was one wild woman. Come out blasting until you run out of rounds. They looked like scared Rats running. Check under the nearest rock for the two rats. Again, Good for her. She took Sheriff Clarke’s advice , don’t be a victim. Take Barretts and Flynns advice and she’d not only not have a gun but most likely be dead.

  • confused

    how in the world did the man sleep through that? The whole honey wake up i hear something, he stays asleep and she has to go look? Good for her. Glad she got one. To find the other two, use your nose. Sure they messed themselves.

  • The boss

    I love this woman. She works hard for her money and these thugs think they can just come in and take it away?the fact that they were not wearing masks simply means they were gonna rob and kill her. I wished she would have killed all 3 idiots. Anyways the 2 who escaped will be charged with the death of their friend if caufht. Strong armed robbery, murder attempted murder, repeat offenders, possession of weapon by felon. Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.