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Know before you go: How do I register to vote? Where’s my polling place? What type of ID do I need?

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Below are resources for voters in Wisconsin in advance of the general election on November 8th:

How to register to vote in Wisconsin

1. Get the voter registration form

Download and print the Wisconsin Voter Registration Form or call (866) 868-3947 to have one sent to you.

CLICK HERE to get the form.

2. Fill out the form

Step 1 Check whether you’re a new voter in Wisconsin or changing your name or address; then provide your municipality and county.

Step 2 Provide your Wisconsin driver’s license number or your Wisconsin Department of Transportation-issued ID number. If you don’t have either of these, provide the last 4 numbers of your Social Security number. If you don’t have any of these IDs, fill in the appropriate circle.

Step 3 Provide your full name, birthday, phone number, and email address.

3. Provide ID that shows where you live

You must include a copy of ID that proves where you live. The following IDs are accepted:

  • A Wisconsin driver’s license or ID card
  • Any other ID card or license issued by a Wisconsin government agency or unit
  • An employee ID card with a photograph (but not a business card)
  • A real property tax bill or receipt for 2015 or 2016
  • A residential lease (doesn’t count if you submit the form by mail)
  • A photo ID from a university, college or technical college with a fee receipt
  • A photo ID from a university, college or technical college with an on-campus housing listing provided by the university, college or technical college to the municipality
  • A utility bill dated within 90 days of when you register
  • (Homeless voters only) A letter from an organization that provides services to the homeless that identifies you and describes the location designated as your residence for voting purposes
  • A bank statement, a paycheck, a check or other government-issued document

4. Send the form

Your completed form must be postmarked by October 19th and mailed to your municipal clerk’s office.

Check if you’re registered to vote: myvote.wi.gov

Early voting in Wisconsin

All voters registered in Wisconsin can vote early in person. You can register and vote early at the same location.

Early voting dates vary by municipality. Contact your Municipal Clerk for more information.

Be sure to bring an accepted photo ID or a DMV-issued voting credential to the polls.

Voting on Election Day, November 8th

Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. If you’re in line at your polling place by 8:00 p.m., you’re allowed to vote.

Be sure to bring an accepted photo ID or a DMV-issued voting credential to the polls.

Acceptable photo IDs for voting

  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license with photo (or without photo if you have a religious exemption)
  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued ID card with photo (or without photo if you have a religious exemption)
  • Military ID card
  • A US passport
  • A certificate of naturalization issued on November 8th, 2014 or later
  • An ID card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin
  • A driver’s license or ID card receipt issued by Wisconsin DOT (valid for 45 days from date issued)
  • Veteran’s ID card issued by the veteran’s health administration or the federal government
  • A photo ID card issued by a Wisconsin accredited university or college, or technical college that contains:
          • Date the card was issued
          • Your signature
          • You must also bring a separate document that proves enrollment, such as a tuition fee receipt, enrollment verification letter, or class schedule
          • A citation or notice of intent to revoke or suspend a Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license that has a date of September 9th or later

    Additionally, if you entered the DMV’s ID petition process (IDPP) for a photo ID or have a petition pending for a photo ID, the DMV must issue you a credential valid as a voting ID that you can use to vote instead of a photo ID.

    CLICK HERE to find your polling place.

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