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2 officers on paid leave after 3-year-old daughter of officer died after being left in patrol car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HANCOCK, Miss. – Two Mississippi police officers have been placed on paid leave after a child died in a Long Beach patrol car Friday.

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of 3-year-old Cheyenne Hyer, the daughter of Cassie Barker, one of the officers on leave, according to WGNO.

Investigators believe Barker left Cheyenne in the back of the car outside the home of the other officer, Clark Ladner, who she allegedly visited with Friday.

Cheyenne was believed to have been locked in the car for roughly four hours before she was found.

News of the child's death shocked those living near Ladner.

"In our small community, it really bothers all of us parents," Kiln resident Betsy Nugent told WLOX. "It's devastating."

While the official cause of death is unclear, investigators believe Cheyenne likely overheated.  Cheyenne died despite having the air conditioning running inside the vehicle Friday afternoon, investigators said.

"The autopsy was done this morning and we haven't got the results yet," Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam said. "We are looking into some possible previous allegations. It is an active investigation. It hasn't been determined which way we will go, but it doesn't look good.  We'll see which way the evidence takes us."

The state medical examiner's office in Pear is expected to release autopsy findings later this week.

In the meantime, Long Beach Police Department Chief Wayne McDowell said the child's death is an "internal matter with his officers."


  • Really

    My heary goes out to that precious little girl. Seriously if this was a regular citizen they would’ve been incarcerated by now. Four hours really. This is just down right despicable.

  • Patricia hunt

    this. proves it
    nobodys. perfect
    so. stop. making
    them. out. to. be
    right. about. everything. they. say. and. do this
    little. innocene. child. left for. hours. in. the. car
    lock. her. Just. like
    you. do. all. the
    rest. of. peoples
    that. leave. their
    babys. in. the. car

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