Police: 4 masked suspects robbed Walmart store on E. Capitol Drive in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police responded to a robbery at the Walmart store located on E. Capitol and Holton early Tuesday morning, October 4th.

Police say around 1:45 a.m., the store was closed and 50 employees were inside the store stocking and cleaning. Four suspects wearing masks and dark clothes came inside and implied they had weapons.

According to police, the suspects took some electronics and fled the store on foot.


Officials have not provided descriptions of the suspects at this time.

Monitor FOX6 News for updates on this developing story.


  • Frank B

    But why won’t companies locate in distressed areas? This is why!! Who in their right mind would set up in a crime infested area of the city? Here we have a national chain that provides lots of jobs and people of the community go and do this. I’ll guarantee that these knuckleheads have criminal records and most likely should not be out on the street terrorizing people but our “injustice” system just keeps letting people out with little to no consequences for their actions

      • Honky Polock

        You must live in Riverwest and are clinging onto the idea that Riverwest is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Face it all of Milwaukee is crime ridden and the remainder of the Milwaukee County is not far behind.

  • FoodForThought

    Hell this is why they closed Midtown Walmart. Not because it was slow like the other ones they closed in suburbs. The theft there was insane.

    Hell that store has seen a HUGE increase in foot traffic since.

    On the bright side all they wanted was electronics so and hopefully everyone is ok.

  • lisa

    Store was closed so how did they get in? Weren’t the doors locked? Obviously not. Time to look at store video and turn in whoever unlocked the door.

  • Opinion8d

    I would love to see the store video of this……I’m sure every employee was just chill and kept doing what they were doing……

  • Sollozo

    They need to catch them and hang em high. That should put a damper on their xmas shopping fo da family.
    It won’t stop until thugs are punished severely for their miscreant deeds. Cattle rustlers met the same fate. Time to turn back the clock and educate.

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