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Georgia educator fired after calling Michelle Obama a gorilla on social media

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ATLANTA — Officials with a Georgia school district say an employee has been fired after she described first lady Michelle Obama as a gorilla on Facebook.

Forsyth County Schools said in a statement that elementary school paraprofessional Jane Wood Allen was fired Monday. The statement says “racism and discrimination are not tolerated” in the school district.

District spokeswoman Jennifer Caracciolo confirmed Monday that the decision to fire Allen was made after officials learned of the Facebook postings.

No one answered the phone Monday at a number listed for Allen. The number wasn’t set up to allow voicemail messages.

News media outlets first reported the posts last week during the district’s fall break.

Allen’s Facebook page was no longer visible Monday.


  • Opinion8d

    Anything said about someone black is racist. She’ll be lucky if they don’t lock her up with a hate crime. It’s sad there is such a double standard. It’s okay to threaten cop’s lives (free speech), but make a disparaging comment about the 1st lady, racist and lose your livelihood?!?!? Just another example of the ‘tolerant left’! And I understand your ALL CAPS frustration!!!

    • Dawn (@SeeingBuffers)

      It isn’t “anything said about someone black…”, it’s about a so-called “educator” grovelling in the mud like a petulant child calling the FLOTUS a historically racist name, over and over, in a public forum. This is not the kind of behavior civilized people want to teach their children. If folk want to teach their children to be racists, let them do it at home. Not school. A teach that would say this obviously has problems with black people. It’s shocking to me that a) people don’t know this, and b) people have the audacity to defend this woman’s behavior.

    • confused

      It was also an adult on facebook. Do the kids see this? I highly doubt if she said something about Nancy or Barb anything would have been done other then “likes”. You can burn the flag, sit thru the National Anthem, burn and loot and that’s all somehow ok.

  • Dawn (@SeeingBuffers)

    Free speech has a cost, and if you are silly enough to post such an offensive statement while being entrusted with the education of children, you are perceived as being unfit. Good riddance. I wouldn’t want her around my children.

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