Police: 73-year-old man dies at the hospital after he was stabbed near 24th and Capitol

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Herman Davis

Herman Davis

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say a 73-year-old man was stabbed and killed on Tuesday evening, October 4th.

It happened near 24th and Capitol around 7:30 p.m.

A preliminary investigation has revealed the victim, identified as Herman Davis, became involved in a dispute with an unknown suspect and he was stabbed.

Officials with the Milwaukee Fire Department arrived to treat the victim and conveyed him to a hospital — but despite everyone’s life-saving efforts, the victim died from his injuries at the hospital.

MPD is seeking a suspect in the incident.


  • Opinion8d

    Okay, one report has this happening on 73rd and Capitol, and this is saying 24th (which was where the original story had it) A very sad story. Here this guy made it to 74 years old, probably seen and dealt with way more than any BLM protester every had to, and this is how he goes?!!? So sad!!!

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