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Recordings reveal workers give bad information about IDs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON — Newly released recordings from seven Division of Motor Vehicles offices across Wisconsin reveal workers giving inaccurate information about the availability of IDs for voting.

The recordings come after a federal judge ordered the state to investigate whether DMV workers are failing to issue temporary photo identification for voting, as promised.

On the recordings, one DMV worker in Hudson tells a person asking for an ID that she’s not guaranteed to get one. That conflicts with the attorney general’s office who has said in court filings that DMV workers have been trained to tell people they will get credentials for voting within six days.

The new recordings were provided to The Associated Press by a campaign coordinator for the national group VoteRiders.


  • Opinion8d

    I hope people pay close attention to this…….they will see how biased this group is and that the ‘hardship’ to get an ID is more about being lazy or wanting to attempt gaining an ID through fraud. They ‘stories’ of the people who they helped are clearly written by the organization and not the individuals. Furthermore, they play the race card, and that this is somehow anti-women……right out of the democrat playbook.

    • confused

      I went to their website and read part of the article, you have to click read the rest of the article which takes you to the Journal Sentinel. None of the DMVs were from Milwaukee or Madison. They were Wisconsin Rapids, Amherst, and some other small ones. 3 of the 11 DMVS “questioned” did it right. 7, did not? The way the questions were asked you cannot blame the DMV workers for saying you may or may not get it in time. They are covering their butts. One of the workers did say to tell your friend (lady was asking how a friend could get id-friend was not present-that’d raise my weird bell right there) to get here as soon as possible.

      • Opinion8d

        There is a link to the Voteriders site -a National Org, (probably funded by Soros), that is out fighting voter id laws in states across the country. You’re right on with where the mis-info came from – and then they kept asking if you will guarantee it will be ready by xx date…….and I’m sure people are hesitant to to say 100% yes. Either way, it’s a simple training issue. Funny though the Dems/Left will go ape-sheet over this, yet disbelieve what was caught on planned parenthood videos……

  • confused

    Watch how many will go on day 7-when it can take up to 6 days to get one. I am curious as to this recording’s date and if it was right before the Fall Primary. If you show up within 6 days of voting you may not get it. People have had since 2010 to get an id, when the hub-bub all started. Whine and moan about needing early voting to be in like June and 24/7 and multiple places but cannot get the paperwork and backside to the DMV?! swing thru when you are applying for all of your “assistance”, you will have paperwork with you. Swing by on way back from Dr, you will have paperwork with you. i wonder what the other recordings are and when they were recorded. Also, if someone did not get it by day 6 they’d probably sue the DMV for interfering with their right to vote.

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