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WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes to leave daily radio show at end of 2016

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Charlie Sykes

MADISON — Conservative and influential Milwaukee talk radio host Charlie Sykes is leaving the air at the end of the year to focus on writing, including a new book titled “How the Right Lost Its Mind.”

Sykes announced his retirement from the radio during his show Tuesday, October 4th on WTMJ-AM. Sykes has been an influential voice in Wisconsin conservative circles for more than two decades, but he drew national attention this year with his outspoken opposition to Donald Trump.

Sykes embarrassed Trump during a call-in interview before Wisconsin’s primary when Trump admitted not knowing Sykes was a leader in the “#NeverTrump” movement in Wisconsin.

Sykes says he knows people will think his retirement is due to the rise of Trump, but he says he made the decision “a long time ago.”


  • Suzanne

    Retirement, how nice for you…you’ll indulge yourself in the luxury of retirement, something a vast majority of Americans won’t be able to do owing to your support of the globalist agenda and it’s job killing immigration policies.
    Enjoy retirement Charlie…you won’t be missed.

    • grunt

      A lot of unhinged hate going on here. I don’t even know where to start…
      By job killing immigration policies, do you mean Barack Hussain Obama’s open borders?
      By globalist agenda, do you mean Clinton’s NAFTA?
      By indulging in the luxury of retirement, do you mean realizing that the government is incapable of taking of you so you invest in your future wisely instead of relying on Social Security?

      • Suzanne

        Hate? That’s a little strong but I consider Sykes, Belling, Limbaugh etc and anyone else who supports NAFTA, GATT, TPP, trade with communist china to be enemies of the state.
        Also, we have planned for our retirement sans Social Security. There will come a point where the government just stops new SS claims…what are we going to do about it? We”ll be fine without.

  • Jonathan

    My guess is he’s hoping and praying for mega-time at MSNBC or even his own show there- wouldn’t surprise me if that’s already been worked out. His #NeverHillary is a joke- everything he has been saying and doing- on twitter etc as him helping Hillary at any chance he gets. Like the rest of the with Trump and beat him in 4 years if you think he’s going to be that terrible. Or have 8 years of Hillary and possibly more with the next Dem.
    Use some common sense. The SCOTUS should be enough to stop your idiocy and personal hangups.

    Don’t forget too Charlie’s ex-wife is one of those Trump has on his SCOTUS list. The wife he cheated on. My guess is he’d hate to have that brought up nationally….

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