UW-Madison Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity suspended amid reports of underage drinking

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MADISON — The University of Wisconsin-Madison has terminated its Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity chapter amid reports of underage drinking at a party.

The university announced Tuesday, October 4th that its student organizations committee received a report that police responded to a party at the chapter’s house on July 23rd and found underage students drinking.

The chapter was on suspension for violating safety policies and illegal drinking when the party occurred. The committee ruled Monday that the chapter had intentionally violated its suspension by hosting an unpermitted event and voted to terminate the chapter.

Termination means the chapter loses all student organization privileges, including the ability to hold campus events.

A national Sigma Phi Epsilon spokesman said the chapter isn’t committed to following expectations but didn’t immediately respond when asked whether the fraternity would appeal.

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  • They need a dose of reality

    Really?? “The chapter isn’t committed to following expectations”???? Not even basic societal expectations like obeying the law and not putting people in jeopardy? And they were already under probation… Sounds like the entire lot of men in that fraternity need to be thrown out of school as well as their Fraternity shut down and face criminal charges for the under age drinking.

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