2 women charged with dressing as clowns, terrorizing teens; police chief calls them ‘morons’

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ROSEVILLE, Mich. — Two 18-year-old Michigan women took the crazed clown phenomenon to new lengths on Thursday night after chasing and scaring two teenage girls.

According to Roseville Police Chief James Berlin, the two women jumped out of a car and chased two 14-year-old girls on Thursday. After the incident, the teens ran to the nearest police station where they were “in hysterics,” police said.

When officers went out to search for the suspects, they “observed two idiots dressed as clowns.” Chief Berlin also referred to the suspects as “morons” in a news release obtained by WZZM.

Police took both women into custody. The suspects told police they thought it was funny to go around terrorizing pedestrians.

According to WJBK, the judge called their acts of dressing up as clowns “outrageous,” and set a $10,000 bond for each suspect. If they fail to post bond on the Disorderly Conduct Misdemeanor, they could face up to 90 days in jail and/or a $500 fine.


  • Charles

    Better lock these two HARDENED criminals up. LMAO@ the time wasted by Police on this and the Media reporting this crap. The Clown Craze was made worst by social media! Now all of America is scared of killer clowns? LMAO@that!!!!!!! Kids nowadays are so tuff, but scared of Clowns. Halloween is gonna suck this year! Mom, Jack Sparrow and Iron Man just chased me down the block.. PLEEEEEAAAASE…

  • KatiLu

    This is NOT in the least “funny”. This was malicious and evil. To try to frighten anyone for any reason is demented — Especially children. I hope these perverted women get some hefty fines and a whole lot of community service. When I was a child, a neighbor thought it would be “funny” to dress up and “rob” me and my brothers as we returned home from trick or treating. To this day I have a hard time dealing with people in costumes, including at Disney World.
    I don’t think these “clowns” deserve to be hurt, but if anyone coming to the children’s aid HAD hurt them, I don’t think they should have been punished, either. This was foolish and mean!

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