Citizens speak out on safety issues in front of Milwaukee’s Common Council

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MILWAUKEE -- Members of Milwaukee's Common Council heard from citizens in the first of four public safety hearings on Saturday, October 8th.


Inside Marshall High School, the microphone was open.

"You can't tackle a problem you don't define. In Milwaukee, we have a gun violence problem. In Milwaukee, we have historic racism," said a citizen.

Residents were in the theater

"We do need to have more officers on the street. I don't see near the presence we used to," said a citizen.

Members of Milwaukee's Common Council were front and center.

"We wanted to have a series of meetings that were actually in neighborhoods that are throughout the city," said Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton. city-council3

For about one hour, residents spoke.

"I'm finding there just isn't enough police officers," said a citizen.

Some shared similar views, expanding on others.

"Saying that we need more police officers, I think first we should do an audit of the police department to see how they are using their resources," said

"You're asking for more money for police officers and yet you still have these police officers that are knowingly bad officers," said a citizen.

The Council members present are on the Public Safety Committee. Saturday's forum is the first of four happening in separate areas of the

"There is a significant group of people that are saying we don't need more police. Well, OK. If that is the case, my bottom line is to make sure they stay even," said Alderman Mark Borkowski, 11th District.

Anyone at the microphone had a four-minute time limit which one speaker too offense to.

"The people you elected said I ain't got more than four minutes for you so guess what? How many meetings will it take for us to get an hour from the people we elected. You got somewhere to be," asked a citizen.


  • Michael McCormack

    Well, Milwaukee has a mayor who is fixated on nothing other than his stupid trolley. The jackass D.A. can focus on nothing other than his partisan witch hunt against the governor and all thing conservative. The ineffectual police chief who will not even let squad cars pursue criminals escaping. A county board with it’s collective heads up their rear ends. And people wonder why Milwaukee is not safe. It is being run by the thugs and gangs in the slums of the ghetto and the “leaders” refuse to address this lest they be called “racist” or miss their target numbers on the minorities incarcerated list put out bytheir politically correct, inefectual and criminal democrat masters. DISGUSTING.

  • confused

    The cops aren’t allowed to do their job, when they do they are protested against. The courts will not do their job so felons are running loose and stealing/buying guns illegally and using them in crime after crime. The so called “juveniles” are committing crime after crime-adult style and nothing is being done. You have felons leaving guns-obtained and possessed illegally-and those guns are being used by kids under 10 to shoot each other or themselves. You have mammas passing out drunk/stoned onto their babies and grandbabies. People are allowed to buy od medication over the counter, which only will lead to more people willing to use as they have a safety plan. Trolley $, Bucks $, fancy restaurants and bars at Miller Park? Rise and shine. Get your *&^% together. The safety issue? You hired a group to come in and tell people to yell about their rights to cops faces instead of NOT breaking laws to begin with.

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