Police: Milwaukee man found fatally shot on walkway near 19th and Capitol

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened near 19th and Capitol late Friday, October 7th.

A 24-year-old Milwaukee man was found lying on a back walkway to a residence around 9:30 p.m. He was suffering from a gunshot wound. The man, identified as Patrick Washington, died on scene despite the lifesaving efforts by Milwaukee Police and Fire personnel.

The circumstances surrounding this incident remain under investigation.

Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on this developing story.


  • confused

    Why don’t people march for the cops that tried to save someone who was shot? Wasn’t SHOT by a cop but was HELPED-even though it failed-and at the risk of being shot for helping?

      • confused

        Why is marching for a good thing instead of a bad thing reaching for an argument? A march of positive thoughts is awful?

    • Just Saying

      So we should march because a police officer performed the duties in their job description? Don’t get me wrong, thanks, but this is what u signed up for. No march necessary

  • Libsareliars

    Don’t worry folks just run your water for few minutes before drinking it according to Barrett. Oh wait another homicide in Milwaukee? Oh darn Barrett is to busy trying to solve the lead pipe issue.

    • Chrisco

      Their is a documented correlation between high levels of lead in the system and violence. The more lead you have in your system to more likely your are prone to violence.

  • Opinion8d

    Another killing right in Lena Taylor’s backyard…..but I thought they don’t have any problems over there?!?!?!

  • Unknown

    People need realize that nothing is ever going to get better if the problem is not addressed! It’s crazy how many shootings/ fatalities of all ages are happening in Milwaukee and the fact it’s happening more then not is starting to make me wonder if the people are running the area or if the cops are trying but failing? If they are failing are they actually taking the time to figure out why and how could it have been prevented? Maybe they should do some positive things around the areas where all of this is happening…hold a carnival for kids day/ have a meet and greet day with friends and family at a park/ or maybe do winter sledding …just something to make people more comfortable to maybe stop or prevent more issues! I grew up where if something nice was done in a community then we respected them more for showing appreciation towards us citizens! I’m not saying it will work but it’s worth a try…and just have a guard stand and check to make sure no weapons are allowed in the area of this happening so people can enjoy it instead of seeing and hearing about all the sad stuff they have to see daily!

    • Robert

      The reason these things happen is because we all have freedom to make our own choices in life. You can blame the lead. You can blame the police. You can blame the mayor. But it comes down to PERSONAL CHOICE. Life is hard. Most people have to work hard and be responsible in order to survive and achieve the things they want (food, a car, a place to live…) So many people have it REALLY ROUGH growing up. But they didn’t use it as an excuse to commit crimes. Some people apparently just find it “easier” to sell drugs or whatever they are out there doing with guns. They have no regard for human life. I wish we would stop searching for some explanation beyond THESE PEOPLE ARE THUGS because they CHOOSE to be.

    • confused

      Unknown, they do things like that, but sadly it’s the same little groups that care that are the only ones to turn out. Just like the community safety meets and job fairs. Hopefully as the baddies get and STAY incarcerated more and more of the good people will come out and enjoy events and have pride and feel safe enough to not let baddies run the city.

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