Milwaukee police seek 3 men in connection with fatal shooting at 52nd & Hampton

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Fatal shooting near 52nd & Hampton in Milwaukee

Fatal shooting near 52nd & Hampton in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are seeking three men and a vehicle in connection with a fatal shooting that happened near 52nd and Hampton on Sunday morning, October 9th.

Around 2:45 a.m., officers were called to Comments Nightclub near 52nd and Hampton. Officers responded to a report of a man with a gun and arrived to find the 32-year-old male victim suffering from a very serious gunshot wound.

The victim, identified as Timothy Olinger, was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Milwaukee police ask that you look at the pictures below. Anyone with information is strongly encouraged to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7360.


The circumstances surrounding this incident remain under investigation. An autopsy will be conducted on Monday.

Fatal shooting near 52nd & Hampton in Milwaukee

Fatal shooting near 52nd & Hampton in Milwaukee

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • killdahoodrats

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    • Wewhitesarenobetter

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  • The truth

    I’m a white man and all this racist comments need to stop. We are od’ing at a alarming rate. So we killing ourself too. So stop it.

    • confused

      NOTHING racist about a safety meeting-as a matter of fact that was one of the issues. I’d really like to know if working people, gang members, church goers, business owners, those on assistance-the crime in Milwaukee effects all people of Milwaukee, went. Maybe if the shooters would go to meetings and have their issues addressed, this kind of stuff would stop. Maybe if families went, they’d learn that you do NOT settle a disagreement with gunfire. You do not shoot neighbors you are in a dispute with. From the Safety Meeting article it again looked like only a handful. And one citizen was upset that they were only allowed 4 minutes to speak. So instead of speaking, they whined and wasted the 4 minutes. It’s THAT mentality that causes the angst upon the people living in Milwaukee.

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