Dr. Lester Carter, who opened Carter Drug Store in 1968, honored by Milwaukee Common Council

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MILWAUKEE -- A business that has been a pillar on Milwaukee's north side for nearly a half-century was honored by the Milwaukee Common Council on Tuesday, October 11th.

Carter Drug Store sits at 24th and Burleigh.

The store was opened in 1968 by Dr. Lester Carter.

Alderman Khalif Rainey said the community has relied on Dr. Carter's advice ever since.

"Despite the changes that occurred, Dr. Carter has always stood strong. He has been someone who has been a iconic image here in the city of Milwaukee," Rainey said.

Before the Common Council Tuesday, 85-year-old Carter said his main goal is to continue working and serving his community for as long as he can.

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  • GTS

    I absolutely LOVE Dr. Carter and his remedies…they worked for my girls throughout their childhood. He is such a giver…God bless you Dr. Carter!

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