New interactive guide: Explore Wisconsin’s ‘Rustic Roads’ like never before

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MADISON — Visitors planning trips to Wisconsin’s 119 Rustic Roads have more information than ever. That’s because the 2016 Rustic Roads Guide has been converted into an interactive guide.

CLICK HERE to download the interactive guide

The updated interactive guide provides detailed maps and highlights items of interest such as historic markers, native plants and hiking and biking trails. Each Rustic Road also has a dedicated webpage which includes a Google map to make travel planning easier.

Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads Program was started more than 40 years ago to preserve scenic, lightly-traveled country roads for the leisurely enjoyment of hikers, bicyclists and motorists. Rustic Roads range from less than a mile to 37 miles in length and have a maximum speed limit of 45 miles per hour. Unique brown and yellow signs mark the routes of all officially designated Rustic Roads. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) oversees the Rustic Roads program; however, the roads remain under local government jurisdiction.

The Rustic Roads system now includes nearly 720 miles of Rustic Roads through 59 counties. For more information on the Rustic Roads Program, including the new Rustic Roads Guide interactive guide, visit