Busted: Registered sex offender violates Caledonia ordinance for second time this year

Caledonia Police Department

Caledonia Police Department

CALEDONIA — Caledonia officials say a registered sex offender has violated a village ordinance on offender residency restrictions — and it’s the second time this year he has apparently done so.

The offender is Donald Knebel. He was convicted of two counts of possession of child pornography in Winnebago County in April 2002. Right now, he is not on probation or parole supervision.

In March, officials learned Knebel was living at a home in Caledonia — in violation of village ordinance. Knebel moved out in mid-April — and the homeowner where Knebel was staying was also advised he could not live there. No citations were issued at that time.

On Wednesday, October 12th, officials discovered Knebel was once again living at that same Caledonia residence. Knebel confirmed for authorities that he had been there since July — again, in violation of village ordinance.

Knebel and the homeowner were both issued four citations this time around. The citation is $457.90.

Officials say they will continue to be issued citations daily until compliance is achieved.

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1 Comment

  • feneraltsao

    What a witch hunt. Congress is trying to pass a law forcing registered sex offenders to have a mark placed on their passports at the cost of nine million to tax payers. $250,000 will go toward the salary of the liaison who will be stationed in the Caribbean. Nice gig if you can get it.