College to career: Students at UW-Waukesha get extra help in their transition

WAUKESHA -- Students at UW-Waukesha are getting some extra help in their transition from college to career -- free clothes on campus!

UW- Waukesha's Career ClosetFrom button downs to blazers to shoes, UW-Waukesha's Career Closet is filled with donations of gently-used professional attire.

"I have looked around. I've helped bring students here, and they've used it," said Andrea Moreno, a UW-Waukesha sophomore.

The clothing is free for students, and whatever they take is theirs to keep.

"Anytime they want something or feel like they need to go for a job interview and don't have what they need, they can come in here and take whatever fits them," said Dana Dorf, career advisor at UW-Waukesha.

Donations from the community are welcome. But so far, most items are from university staff and professors.

"We go through them and make sure everything is presentable -- something that we would want to wear," said Dorf.

UW- Waukesha's Career Closet

The Career Closet was only open ahead of campus job fairs, but now it is open year-round. Paired with career workshops and resume help, the Career Closet is another tool for students to prepare for the professional world.

UW- Waukesha's Career Closet"Because the reality is, that at this age, we're not really sure what constitutes business attire," said Moreno.

And it makes it easier to dress up on a student budget.

The Career Closet is located in the Commons Building, tucked away down a hallway. The door even locks, allowing students to have some privacy when they shop.

UW- Waukesha's Career Closet

"This is a safe place where you can come and find something for you that will prepare you for the future," said Moreno.

UW-Waukesha is accepting donations for the Career Closet. The following items are needed: shoes, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, ties, and even jewelry and purses. You can drop off your donations in the bin at the Student Affairs Office. That is located in the Commons Building off University Drive.

UW- Waukesha's Career Closet