Evening activities canceled after threat found at Grafton middle school

Threat found at Grafton middle schools

GRAFTON — Students at a Grafton middle school were sent home early on Thursday, October 13th — after a threatening note was found.

It happened just before 2:30 p.m. when a teacher found the message on a bathroom stall at John Long Middle School.

Students and staff were evacuated as is protocol — and all evening activities were canceled.

Grafton police are now investigating to determine whether classes will resume on Friday.

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  • worked at John Long today

    Not sure where this story is from and why. I worked at John Long today as a substitute. The school did not evacuate at or near 2:30. The bell rang at the regular time 2:41 and students left classes to go to their lockers and home. If there was an evacuation it happened way later. Who did this investigation? They need to check their sources.

  • Hal Dalibor

    Who investigated this? I worked at John LONG middle school in Grafton today. “Students sent home early” There was no evacuation before school let out. The bell rang at 2:41 as always and students headed home. Someone writing this might think about doing a clearer job sometime.

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