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Case dismissed: Charged dropped against Matthew McMillan, accused of killing 14-year-old boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Matthew McMillan

MILWAUKEE — Charges have been dismissed against the teenager accused of killing a 14-year-old boy on the evening of last year’s lakefront fireworks show in Milwaukee.

Prosecutors say 16-year-old Matthew McMillan shot and killed Tariq Akbar near Lake Dr. and Wyoming Pl. Originally they said it was because of a fight over a girl.

On Monday, October 17th, the state moved to dismiss the case because they could not get witnesses to cooperate.


  • Billy Madison

    I am so thankful for the local judges. Matt does not deserve to be in jail as killing another human should be and is okay in Mayor McTrolleyfaces City of Milwaukee. Matt will now be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family where he belongs.

    • Always Outspoken

      Actually, the judge had nothing to do with this killer being freed. The story says “the state moved to dismiss the case” – which means it was Chisholm’s DA office who made the decision to drop the charges.

      Don’t worry though. I’m sure it won’t be long until we hear about this kid getting into trouble again.

      • D

        Actually most people said he wasn’t the one who did it he might know who but it wasn’t him. Not enough evidence to prosecute

    • confused

      Jim its a gang thing, check out the sunglasses this Matthew has on in the Trial Approaches for boy accused of shooting death of Tariq Akbar. These are the same type of sunglasses worn by the 17 year old jacker who escaped from the police van. He also had problem with witnesses in his cases. Wake up courts! These witnesses are terrified. Help them & everyone else by locking these criminals up. I bet you a dollar if a cop had shot Tariq there would have been video and witnesses from 6 states.

    • Kaye77

      That statement isn’t a”hood thing”….it’s actually an unfortunate statement that many people of different race groups & those of dofferer neighborhoods actually use.

  • Charles

    Give this POS a few years and he will be right back in the same place! He killed out of jealousy, so wait until he gets jealous again. He s going to think he got away with it the first time so why not do it again. I BLAME CREEPY CLOWNS FOR ALL OF THIS…

  • confused

    On Monday, October 17th, the state moved to dismiss the case because they could not get witnesses to cooperate. Again. If you ever CCAP any of the repeat offenders, felons this happens alot. Word gets out, you if you tell you will hear death’s knell.

  • The boss

    And now he’s gonna think he’s untouchable. Wait and see how he kills another person. It’s always the case.

  • Dylan

    Where are the protesters .where are the Hamiltons the black lives matter groups. Jesse jackson.the black panthers.doesn’t this black life matter

  • Lashonda

    He’s crying now but won’t be for long when he’s back with his homies. Another life will be cut short because of this kid, trust me. He’ll feel he got away with it once…….Milwaukee is a cesspool with degenerates and animals that have no home training. I feel like I live the the south side of Chicago.


    Thanks to the DA protecting these criminals he’ll get to enjoy Christmas. Kilwaukees DA doesnt serve the justice system, they protect the criminals and allows them to roam free. Thanks Kilwaukee.

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