Targeting millennials: Hollywood stars campaign for Clinton ticket in Wisconsin

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MILWAUKEE — The Hillary Clinton campaign brought Hollywood star power to Milwaukee on Monday, October 17th.

Actors Sean Aston and Wil Wheaton were in the state encouraging millennials at colleges across Wisconsin to vote early.

“I have kids that are just out of college, so I’m here as a parent because I care deeply about the future of our country and I care about the future of our planet,” said Wil Wheaton, actor.

There were also evens in Madison, Oshkosh and Green Bay.


  • J227

    Never heard of these two libtards. Their pussified skinny jeans must be cutting off the blood to what little, if any, brains in their cranial vaults…..millenials are obviously the poster children for the pussification of America. They are low information voters who all still live in their parents’ basements. Pathetic. (Not even)

  • Molly Brown (@MollyBrown28)

    Sean Astin, star of various movies such as Goonies and Lord of the Rings, gave a fantastic speech urging students to vote early and supporting Hillary Clinton.
    Wil Wheaton, actor in Star Trek and other shows such as the Big Bang theory, also gave a great speech also promoting early voting and Hillary Clinton.

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