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Woman beats alleged rapist with crowbar, knocks him unconscious

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CHICAGO — A 58-year-old woman was able to defend herself during a sexual assault by beating her attacker with a crowbar and knocking him unconscious.

(Photo: Dorval Grice, 30)

(Photo: Dorval Grice, 30)

30-year-old Dorval Grice, the woman’s longtime neighbor, has been charged with home invasion and aggravated criminal sexual assault.

Prosecutors say the woman was sleeping in her Chicago home Monday when Grice broke in through an unlatched living room window, according to DNAinfo

The woman woke up to Grice pulling her hair and demanding sex.

Prosecutors say when the woman refused his demands, he punched her in the head several times, pulled off her underwear and forced himself on her.

The woman was able to break free and beat Grice in the head with a mug she was able to grab from her nightstand.

She then reached for a crowbar that she keeps nearby for protection and beat him unconscious, according to prosecutors.

The woman called 911, and police arrived to find her covered in blood. She was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Grice is being held on $250,000 bail.


  • confused

    Good for her! You should not have to have closed locked windows when there have been such beautiful sleeping nights. Take back the streets, take back your home, take back your freedom you work so hard for!

  • Staticphear

    Good for her and happy she is ok, yet people are saying the other story with the cop shooting a baseball bat welding 66 year old woman is unjustified because she is old. I call BS on that. This woman, who is just 8 years younger, knocked this young man out. Same thing could have happened with that cop.

  • ed klawitter

    Glad she is OK. And good for u. He deserved every bit of it. People in jail are going to ask what happened to u. I tried to rape a woman and she beat my ass.and then there going to beat his ass again cause they hate rapist in prison

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