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“This was truly unexpected:” Racine County corrections officer attacked by 17-year-old inmate

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RACINE COUNTY -- Unpredictable and unprovoked -- that's what officials at the Racine County Sheriff's Office are saying about the battery of one of their own inside the county jail. Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling says you can't prepare for an assault like this.

Racine County Jail

Racine County Jail

Surveillance video shows on October 17th, a newly trained corrections officer was escorting an inmate through the Racine County Jail. What happened next shocked Sheriff Schmaling.

"We train for the unexpected. This was truly unexpected," said Schmaling.

Calm at first, the inmate flashes a smile, turns his body away only to quickly turn around and sucker punch the officer in the chin. Staff quickly responded and took down the inmate, identified as 17-year-old Deonte Anderson.

Racine County Jail

Racine County Jail

The officer received minor injuries from the blow. He was treated and released from a local hospital and has already returned to work.

Racine County Jail

Racine County Jail

"He's embarrassed by what happened. He thinks he could've done something different. He was just at the wrong spot at the wrong time with the wrong inmate," said Schmaling.

Deonte Anderson

Deonte Anderson

Schmaling explains Anderson, also known on the streets as "Snot," never showed any signs of violence while inside the jail. The latest charges against him were for armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm. However since this incident, extra security measures have been enforced around him.

"He had to be placed in a restraint chair, now he's in a rubberized room; he's no longer just a harm to my staff, he is a harm to himself," said Schmaling.

Sheriff Schmaling says inmates attacking officers is nothing new to him but this particular incident is a reminder to him of the risk men and women in law enforcement face.

"It just underscores how dangerous and important of a job these officers face each and every day," said Schmaling.

Now the sheriff has recommended that Anderson be charged with a battery to an officer charge. At last check, that has yet to be made an official charge.


  • Opinion8d

    I would love to hear what his family has to say….i’m sure they would defend him and say he was provoked. And yet, if something happened to this guy, the headline would be ‘Teen Boy’……that ain’t no boy!!


      They would tell you he is a Sweet and Caring person. Someone who was enrolled in College, well at least thinking about it. A family man with 3 kids that he loved and supported, well almost supported, with help from the Taxpayers. Someone who worked hard, well, maybe not worked but he was looking for work, okay, maybe not , but he was thinking about looking for work right before he was slammed to the ground and arrested on the steps of a Church, where he eas heading to pray, by some yuge white cop.

  • L

    While I have no problem with thinning the prison population and all states should have the death penalty. No Sharia Law keep the F N goat humpers out of the U.S. Gordon McQuillen.

  • Ghost of Judge Seraphim

    I’ll give him 9 years hard labor just for that 9 seconds of agony that caused the corrections officer.

  • Dave

    Used to live in Racine as a kid. Now as a C.O. in Washington, I can relate. It happens, don’t show weakness. Stay strong and in the end the respect will come. This punk now has a bad reputation and will now carry with him for life. Stay strong Officer. Good Job.

  • kathleen A Duffin

    and yet in Wisconsin our Governer has signed legislation that don’t allow correctional officers the same rights and benifits as our law enforcement officers and firefighters. Go figure….they deal with this potential danger on a daily basis.

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