Man with ties to Milwaukee arrested after 2-year-old found dismembered in lagoon in Chicago

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CHICAGO  — Chicago police said Tuesday, November 15th they arrested a man in connection with the death of a two-year-old northern Illinois boy whose dismembered remains were found in a park lagoon last year.

FOX6 News shared with you the story of Kyrian Knox last November — after police in Chicago said they were looking to talk with two people  entrusted to care for Knox before he disappeared.

Kyrian Knox

Kyrian Knox

Investigators at the time believed those two people could be in Milwaukee.

Kamel Harris

Kamel Harris

One of the people police were looking to speak with last November is 41-year-old Kamel Harris.

He has now been arrested and charged with first-degree murder for Knox’s death.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Harris was being held in a jail in Winnebago County on an unrelated charge when detectives arrested him Monday, November 14th and took him into their custody.

Kyrian Knox was last seen in August 2015 when his mother, Lanisha Knox, left him in the care of Harris, a family friend, in Rockford, Illinois.

At the time, the baby’s mother was moving from Iowa to Chicago and entrusted Harris with Kyrian, police said.

Knox’s remains were found in September 2015 in the Garfield Park lagoon on Chicago’s West Side.

Harris reported the boy missing about two weeks later. Authorities suspect the boy had been missing for about a month before they were notified.

“He made a false report to the Rockford police that the baby had gone missing,” Chicago Police Commander Kevin Duffin said in a news conference Tuesday.

Police executed a search warrant and took Harris’ vehicle last November.

“The major break in the case was the fact that he had denied that the baby had ever been inside his vehicle,” Duffin said. “Once we took the vehicle with the search warrant, [we] tore out the carpeting and recovered the baby’s blood in the vehicle.”

Toddler found dismembered in Chicago lagoon

Toddler found dismembered in Chicago lagoon

Knox’s death was discovered when police found a human foot in the lagoon over the Labor Day weekend in 2015. Searchers then recovered the child’s head, two hands and another foot. DNA analysis matched that of Knox.

It is unclear how many weeks the body parts may have been in the lagoon, police said.

Police have not been able to determine the cause of death, but according to witness statements, Knox kept crying all afternoon because he was lactose intolerant and may have ingested some milk. Harris “kind of snapped and couldn’t deal with it anymore,” police said.

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