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“Build some bridges:” School official finds middle ground with bar owner that placed ‘crude’ ad

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MILWAUKEE -- They're discovering a connection in the middle of a controversy. After an ad for a Walker's Point bar took aim at Bradley Tech, the president of the school's Alumni Association decided to meet with the bar owner.



The ad was called vulgar and tasteless by Milwaukee Public School officials. The bar owner says he's tried to talk with school officials in the past about his concerns when kids are let out of the nearby high school.

Now, the president of the Alumni Association, Anthony Staton, says he did not rush to conclusions and instead, wanted to hear out the reasons for the ad.

There's a new feeling in the air, signaling the start of something new in the Walker's Point neighborhood.

"I didn't want to join the bandwagon of hate. There's too much of that," said Staton.

Staton explained his reaction to a recent magazine ad for Sabbatic Bar. The ad reads: "Sabbatic is for lovers," and in bold print:"Our back alley: where 50% of Bradley Tech pregnancies start and end."sabbatic2

In an earlier interview with FOX6, Jay Stamates said the ad was meant to be "crude," hoping to get the attention of MPS officials. He believes students from the nearby Bradley Tech High School are to blame for years of break-ins and vandalism at his bar.sabbatic3

Milwaukee police say they've never found a connection to Bradley Tech students.

"Jay, he was frustrated because he tried to reach out to folks at MPS and he hasn't gotten a good response," said Staton.

MPS and other city officials have spoken out against the ad. Staton admits he too was taken back by the ad but decided there was a better way to approach the situation.

Anthony Staton

Anthony Staton

"If I'm going at him and he's going at me, what does that do?" asked Staton.

Staton says the two met for three hours on Thursday night, November 17th. Jay Stamates says the conversation was a positive and says it's one of the best he's had in his professional career.

"I found out we had a lot more in common than we had uncommon. I want to build some bridges here. I didn't want this to go on and there's bad blood between the students and businesses," explained Staton. "We need to fix it. We need to figure out a way to do it and dialogue is the best way."

On Monday, November 21st, the two are set to meet gain at the alumni meeting at Bradley Tech High School.


  • ronny

    Boy’s tech at one time a place where education flourished and students actually graduated and went on to become outstanding business leaders. As a product of the inner city schools I was fortunate to have good teachers that helped me advance even though I was stupid. I hope they’re some folks like that out there.. I’m not the smartest kid on the block but I did manage to matriculate from a big ten university with a engineering degree eons ago. I hope they clean out the garbage so kids that want to learn can.

  • deletedagain

    I don’t know the history of the bar and the school but applaud the effort taken by both parties. I always talked with neighbors to resolve any problem. It works.

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