Georgia couple has grocery store wedding on Thanksgiving

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GEORGIA — A couple spent their Thanksgiving getting married — but it’s where they said “I do” that may surprise you.

Four years ago, after returning from a tour in Afghanistan, Charles Larry Tinson ran into the Harvey’s Supermarket in Albany, Georgia, to pick up a last minute item for his Thanksgiving dinner.

While searching for cranberry sauce, Larry found something else: his soulmate.

Larry spotted an old friend named Mary. They had met a few times before that Thanksgiving but it wasn’t until that encounter that the two started dating.

Before long, the two were ready to tie the knot. And what better place to seal the deal than where they reunited, so they asked the Harvey’s Supermarket to host as the venue.

The grocery store agreed, and helped the couple for months with the live music, and wedding cake topped with none other than cranberries!

It’s a moment that Mary, Larry, and the over 70 witnesses will never forget.