“We’re going to keep making noise:” Arrests made as demonstrators “Fight for 15” in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Demonstrators walked off the job as the "Fight for 15" movement had three gatherings in the Milwaukee area on Tuesday, November 29th. On Tuesday evening, arrests were being made.

Arrests made during "Fight for $15" protests in Milwaukee

Arrests made during "Fight for $15" protests in Milwaukee

Arrests made during "Fight for $15" protests in Milwaukee

Arrests made during "Fight for $15" protests in Milwaukee

As the sun came up, workers came together at a McDonald's at 9th and North Avenue -- demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

Fight for $15"Prices are going up every single day and it's time for that to change. If you're working a decent job, if you're working 40 hours a week, you shouldn't have to struggle. You shouldn't have to worry if I'm going to pay the rent or how I'm going to feed my kids," said Devonte Yates.

During the lunch hour, demonstrators marched to Milwaukee's City Hall. There, they demanded the Common Council and mayor hear their pleas.

fight-3"I'm a single parent. I'm struggling, each day working hard just like everybody else; having to work extra hours just to make sure ends meet and my kids are taken care of, let alone my household," said Keila McAfee.

Other cities such as Seattle, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles have already taken steps to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Some organizations are working to stop it in this state. A spokesperson for the Wisconsin Grocers Association said in a statement:

"We grocers are already paying that rate or very close to it. The market and competition dictate this. Our problem isn't paying that wage. It's finding workers."

Fight For $15

Fast-food restaurant workers rally outside Milwaukee McDonald's

But those who seek the higher paychecks said it needs to be the law of the land.

"We're not going nowhere. We are going to get this 15 -- and if we don't get it, we're going to shut it down until we get it. We're going to keep making noise until we get this," said Corneil White.

At 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, workers were joined by community leaders and elected officials in front of McDonald’s on Miller Park Way.

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Some indicated they would move forward with civil disobedience -- and risk arrest if need be.

At least 10 were arrested locally.

"People are hurting. People are barely making ends meet. People are poor and we need a change. My parents always taught me no one is gonna hand you anything. You have to go out and get it. Closed mouths don't get fed. My mouth will never be closed," Gajdra Blackmon said.

Dozens were arrested during similar protests Tuesday.

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Los Angeles police said they took 40 people into custody during protests, part of what was called a national "day of disruption" in the Fight for $15 movement.

In Oakland, California police arrested 27 people for obstructing the streets and sidewalks, all of whom were later released.

New York City police told CNNMoney that 26 protesters were arrested there Tuesday for disorderly conduct. They were also released, organizers say.

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

The protesters were sitting in the middle of Broadway as part of a "civil disobedience action," said Rachel Cohen, a spokeswoman for the Service Employees International Union, which is supporting the protesters.

The New York protesters included fast food workers, airport workers, Uber drivers and messengers.

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

At Chicago O'Hare International Airport, janitors, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants went on strike Tuesday demanding a $15 hourly wage.

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

The Fight for $15 movement is credited with pushing lawmakers into adopting higher minimums. California and New York both passed laws this year to raise the minimum wage to $15 in coming years.

Cohen said the New York arrests took place near Zuccotti Park. That is where Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out for months in 2011 until the camp was dismantled by police.

Protesters also gathered at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey to demonstrate for higher wages for airport workers.

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee

Fight for $15 protests in Milwaukee


  • mark

    I think they’re all a little clueless. We all see how incompetent a good majority of fast food workers (not saying all, I’ve had my share of unbelievably nice ones) are. Did they ever stop to think that IF that wage were raised to 15.00/hour that now there’s going to be a much larger pool of applicants at fast food places. It won’t be long before management finds a way to get rid of the slackers and replace them with individuals who are more capable as well as having a better work ethic. Be careful of what you wish for…

  • phacepalm

    Jobs at places like McDonald’s are just a stepping stone for teenagers or young adult STUDENTS. It is NOT a Career!

  • P

    Won’t be long before all these workers will be replaced with robots. Prices will go up on fast food items and corporate will have to find away to trim the fat and eliminate the workers that aren’t worth it. It won’t be long before people will be replaced and phased out of the industry with computer automated systems. Then either nobody will be left with a job or the current full time staff will be cut to half the size. Companies would figure out away to save on costs if this ever got passed and it wouldn’t be pretty. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Jim

    Bus loads of protesters brought into Milwaukee. As reported on the news. Union payed no doubt this is where your union dues go!!!

    • Armymom

      This is not unions doing this, : The effort is part of a broader “Day of Disruption” planned by activist group Fight for $15, which advocates for raising the minimum wage. Uber drivers, fast food workers and home care aides will also walk out on Tuesday.

      • Jim

        If your raising a family & paying rent on a min wage job you are the idiot!! Get a different job & let the flipping burgers for your high school kids.
        That’s what they are intended for not raising a family!

      • Libsareliars

        Armymom. Only in Milwaukee and big cities will they walk. Drive to the suburbs and no one will be walking. Only the losers will be doing this.

  • chris

    15.00 an hour? Get an education and some marketable skills. Seeing as WI is a right to work state, hopefully the franchise owners terminated some of these jokers especially if these protests were on company time.

  • dave

    The technology is already here to replace these people with robots. Be careful for what you wish for. Oh, and by the way, check to see how much our military personnel are making!

  • You do not deserve 15 an hour for bagging my fries, losers!

    LOL some ghetto loser in the article wanted to know how she’s going to feed her kids? Well how about getting an education and striving for more than an entry-level job. You cannot expect to raise children by working at a job that is meant for teenagers just getting out of high school. If you don’t intend to improve your education or strive for a better career then CROSS YOUR STUPID LEGS and don’t have children in the first place! It’s simple folks. Don’t have children if you can’t afford them in the first place.


    So threaten to shut down the places that don’t pay enough, which would result in no pay at all. Then complain that prices are going up, then demand higher pay, which would result in prices going up more. And the whole time none of them are working at all so a $15/hr wage is meaningless because they’re too lazy to work anyway!!! The irony is staggering.

  • Armymom

    These people that are advocating this to these workers needs to step back. These workers had an income until YOU came along and filled them with false hope. Now they don’t have an income, don’t have money for diapers and food. You can go home to your nice home and eat your nice dinner now that you made all these people turn unemployed. They will NOT get $15.00 an hour so stop filling their heads with false hope.

  • Jim Smith

    last time I was in a McDonald’s they screwed up my order, (filet of fish, no cheese) and took me longer to get it right than was worth the effort. McDonald’s is already making a move towards kiosks so these unskilled individuals are soon going to be out of a job.

    • marcus wilson

      McDonalds today announced a nationwide kiosk system will be implimented in their establishments starting with the stores that incur the $ 15 dollar an hour fee. You fools are losing jobs and automation will be your demise. Fewer jobs mean that You could be out of work soon. Good luck to your future

  • Sheila Moyet

    This is totally insane. Why pay 15.00 per hour to people who can hardly speak or understand English? They can’t even get a simple order correct. A couple weeks ago we stopped at a McDonald’s and ordered 2 fish sandwiches, 2 whoppers and 2 large fries. What we got was 2 fish sandwiches and 1 whopper and 1 fries. The young lady who took our order had such poor English that we could barely understand her. If you want to make 15.00 per hour, get an education and train for a job that pays 15.00 per hour. They do not deserve that kind of wage increase!

    • Peter

      Answer me this. How in the world did you get 1 of 2 whoppers you ordered at McDonalds? That person regardless of poor english should be promoted right away.

  • Deb

    I think it’s ok to raise minimum wage but NOT to 15.00 – there are people that make that now & have had to work hard over the years to earn that!!

  • deletedagain

    You can afford a lot more if you stop buying cigarettes,alcohol,drugs and getting hair weaves, manicures and gold caps on all of your teeth. You don’t need a 60 inch TV or the most expensive phone. You don’t need to have your whole body tattooed. Determine the difference between wants and needs.

  • marcus wilson

    Hey you protesters if you get arrested and fined how are you going to pay your debt, if you have no money. Not paying leads to warrants and more fines or jail. Are you sure this is what you wish?

  • Count Cristo

    They have no leadership or direction for the first time in their lives as the liberal machine was dismantled on election night.

  • Huh !

    I wonder if any of these people have ever looked at the want ads ?
    Look at the starting rate of pay for jobs that require more than a high school education….$ 30,000/yr sounds like alot but $ 15/hr = $ 31,200/yr !!!
    Why should a person with low social/people skills, uneducated and unskilled, whether they are a single parent of 5 kids or not, think they deserve to make a good living in fast food, taxi or delivery services ?
    Get an education, earn that better job with better pay !!!

  • Nope

    It’s those jobs that motivate people to go to school and get a higher paying job…if you don’t work for the “higher” pay don’t ask for it, it only chips away the middle class and makes things more expensive for them. I’ve worked at these jobs when I was younger, the skills needed barley justify what they are making now. Young kids need those jobs, not working adults with families.

  • Dylan

    go to night school..online school…get an education…why should a fast food worker make $15 which is half the wage of a nurse who goes to college for 4 years…or your trades man who maybe makes $25 an hour….justify that please

  • Wtf milwaukee

    I remember when I was in high school and teachers told us to stay in school and get good grades or else you will be working at McDonalds. Fast food jobs are entry level jobs not careers. Protesters… wake up! If you win this guess what? You will be replaced by machines or college graduates.

    • Nope

      I agree, and seen machines at many fast food places when I travel. While I was in Florida, I found a McD’s with 4 self service machines and one employee staffing a register but even with 20 people in the back room and one person on the register I still had to wait for over 10 minutes…..Panera and other places are already doing this locally. It’s no longer an if, replacement with machines are already happening…look at the self service lines at grocery stores.They shoot themselves in the food by asking for more and being replaced by machines at a job with no advanced skills.I wonder if any of them even what we have to say.

  • SPTruth

    None of these people want to take responsibility for their lack of drive and motivation. They want an hand out, “hand over $15 an hour to us.” If you want to make more money, make your self a more desirable employee…get an education. FYI.. If you work at McDonald’s and you’re not the manager, you cannot afford to raise a child on your wages let alone!!! Don’t have kids unless you can afford them.

  • Nope

    If only these people made the same effort in finding a better job, or going to school. I am ok with the 15 an hour, but only if each fast food place served the food exactly the same way, speed and quality…but that’s impossible because the adults who work there don’t make an effort and want free stuff because they got a low paying job intended for kids to begin with..what happened to kids working there? I worked these places and I was typically the best employee after a week. If they win what about those entry level professional jobs starting at 15 an hour, some with degrees and certification…bet their wages wont go up….goodbye dollar menu.

  • Jeff hog

    I have a good idea that i thought i would never find myself saying.Replace these workers with KIOSKS and let us order ourselves. I’m not up for dealing with a lazy, disrespectful i don’t want to be here attitude people anyway. Another interesting thought just entered my head. What are these people going to do if they did get 15 when they find out they wont qualify for their Quest card heat assistance, rent assistance, child care assistance just to mention a few of the entitlement gen receives now days! PATHETIC!

  • blogmomrocks2

    I know people that are in a career (machinists, etc.) that barely make a bit more than what these people are asking/demanding all ready as it is. It’s fricking fast food. I used to do it myself (managed/supervised). I work in retail now, and the fast food workers all ready make more than I do. My concern is that if they do get this wage, not only will minimum wage go up (which is a good thing) but so will the cost of living and then here goes the demanding of the wage to go up again…rinse and repeat.

  • jack

    Wow!! Not of you is making any sense or looking at what is actually being said. I have worked in factory, and fast food, and grocery. Let me tell you factory and warehouse work is pretty easy and dosen’t deserve to get paid what you are. It’s not that easy to just go back to school, especially with no guaranty of a job in the field you graduate in. Need to pay for school, if you are already working extra hours to put food on the table how are you going to pay for school? If everyone does go back to school there aren’t enough good jobs to go around.
    You people are whats wrong today. Get paid 8.00 hr and lets see what you think then.

    • Ghetto people are lazy

      MATC gives them free schooling if they are at the poverty level so what’s holding them up? Not money because the schooling is free. This again shows they lack the motivation to obtain any sort of education that would give them higher paying jobs, they just want hand-outs so they can pay for food for their ill-planned kids they weren’t planning on having after making more bad choices. I attended MATC and you know where all of those black students that got free tuition were at? They were all hanging out in the atrium insulting students that walked by who actually paid for their education as well as doing stupid gang crap and causing problems – not being in class where they should have been.

  • Mike UU

    If you want to get paid $15 an hour then BE WORTH $15 an hour…. You lazy a$$ socialist slobs need to realize that showing up and keeping your hands off the grill and your face out of the French fryer DOES NOT mean that you deserve $15/hour. Breathing and showing up around the time your supposed to does not make you worth $15/hour.. If you cant support a family on a minimum wage job then make yourself worth more then minimum wage to the business world or don’t have a family !!!. Your socialist democrat BS is about to come to an end, Did that worthless clown Gewn Moore get arrested again ??? She never did anything in her life that wasn’t paid for by the taxpayer and never did anything GOOD FOR THE TAXPAYER OF HER CONSTITUENTS THAT WANT A JOB AND ECONIMC DEVELOPMENT / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN HER AREA!!! ,,,,Tax payers and consumers are sick of paying for you to be a clown !!! get off you a$$ and make yourself better, make yourself worth more to the business world or get used to living with in YOUR means NOT MINE !

  • Mr

    Go get an education and find a better job. Nobody deserve $15 for flipping burgers. Cant even get orders right half the time.

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