Check it out: We pull the wraps off the new FOX6 Weather Deck

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deckBROWN DEER — After more than a quarter century, it’s time for change at the FOX6 Studios. And with that, we invite you to check out the new, thoroughly-redesigned FOX6 Weather Deck.

As with the old weather deck, the new version will give the FOX6 Weather Experts a unique way to provide you with the most up-to-date forecast available. We’ll just be able to do more of it… outside!

Just below, see how the old deck came down — and the new deck rose from the ground in the backyard at FOX6.

The new deck is complete with beautiful outdoor furniture, a fire feature and yes, even the green screen has made its way outdoors!

We hope the new deck will allow us to bring you the forecast for years to come.