Mail carrier, with help from citizen, hand-delivered to police suspect who stole packages

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MILWAUKEE -- A mail carrier delivered a special package -- to police! After he was robbed of two packages, the mailman didn't let the suspect get away. He chased him down and hand-delivered him to police. The suspect now faces federal charges.

"There were two of them. They were just brown boxes but pretty good sized. From the yelling, I was able to put together that he had stolen a package and the mailman was trying to recover it. I was really freaked out," Kelsey Lamb, a neighbor said.

Mail carrier

A federal criminal complaint says 19-year-old Darryl Walters was one of two robbers who approached mailman Scott Peller on Milwaukee's east side.

The boxes were addressed to a man on Arlington Place.

Two men approached from the street, claiming to be the intended recipient -- and then grabbed the packages and took off.

Kelsey Lamb

Kelsey Lamb

Peller went after them -- yelling: "Stop! This is a federal offense. I won't let you steal the mail!"

At one point, the complaint says "Walters dropped the package he was carrying and attacked Peller from behind."

There was a struggle, but the complaint says a nearby citizen "sat on Walters, pinning him to the ground until police arrived."

It all happened just outside Kelsey Lamb's window.

Mail carrier

"He was arrested right here -- like handcuffed and everything. It makes me feel a little safer," Lamb said.

Sources told FOX6 News there were drugs inside those packages.

Mail carrier

Walters is charged with theft of United States mail and assaulting a government employee.

FOX6 News reached out to the United States Postal Service for comment. They declined, stating this is an active investigation.

Mail carrier

Police continue to search for the second suspect.


  • West Allis Loves to Break Federal Law

    LOL you sure wouldn’t see anyone from the West Allis (Root River) office doing anything like this. In fact, their nasty postal workers love breaking federal law themselves by destroying mail and throwing it in the snow/on the ground if they don’t like you.. and their law-breaking activities are fully supported by their pi$$-poor management.

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