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Mall of America, nation’s biggest, hires first black Santa

Bloomington, UNITED STATES: A sign at the Mall of America is pictured 02 February 2006 in Bloomington, Minnesota. The largest in the US with more than 40 million visitors a years, the Mall of America has become one of the biggest tourist attractioins in the country. AFP PHOTO/Timo GANS

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The nation’s largest mall is hosting its first-ever black Santa Claus this weekend.

The Star-Tribune reports The Mall of America in suburban Minneapolis hired Larry Jefferson to play Kris Kringle from Thursday to Sunday as part of its Santa Experience.

Santa Experience co-owner Landon Luther says they “want Santa to be for everyone, period.” With that in mind, he tells the newspaper he launched a nationwide search for a diverse Santa and found Jefferson at a Santa convention in Branson, Missouri, over the summer. He was the only black Santa among the 1,000 impersonators in attendance.

Jefferson tells WCCO-TV that playing the jolly old elf is “no big deal” to him, saying “I’m still Santa, I just happen to be a Santa of color.”

Jefferson will return home to play Santa in the Dallas-area after Sunday.


  • Al P

    If we are all supposed to be equal why do you find it necessary to put the race of a person in the article?? Just wondering. Who cares what color the Santa’s are unless you are a racist newspaper?

    • FAUX 6 is full of LIBERAL RACISTS

      This is NOT the first mall to have a black Santa. For some reason the liberal media yet again feels the need to push their discrimination/separation agenda and make it look as if Santas are somehow being discriminated against by skin color – which they aren’t. Yet more proof that FAUX6 is a liberal racist-pandering trash machine.

      • Centralist

        Uhm….they aren’t claiming he is the first ever, they are stating its the Mall of America’s first black Santa. Reading is fundamental.

      • FAUX 6 is full of LIBERAL RACISTS

        Centralist: I know that dumbshiat. I’m asking why FOX6 and other liberal-loving news station feel it necessary to make a big deal out of this and publish news articles about it. Obviously you missed the entire point of my post like most of everything else in your life. I know it’s hard for you liberals since none of you have an education or a job, but try harder will you?

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