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FOX6 News is proud to be honored with 10 Emmy Awards!

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CHICAGO — The Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences handed out its 2016 Emmy Awards on Saturday night, December 3rd, and FOX6 News took home ten Emmy awards!

The FOX6 News Emmy winners are as follows:

Category #6-c News Specialty Report/Series — Crime
Underground and Off the Grid – Brad Hicks, Reporter, Craig Sween, Kale Zimny


Category #6-g News Specialty Report/Series — Human Interest
The Thirteen Sisters – John LaPorte, Executive Producer, Bryan Polcyn, Reporter; Stephen Davis, Josh Dewar, Jeffrey Frings, Brad Hicks, Jerry Imig, Dave Michuda


Category #6-h News Specialty Report/Series — Politics/Government
Risk on the Rails Railroad Secrecy, A Wakeup Call to Washington – Brad Hicks, Reporter; Jeff Frings, Craig Sween, John Upton, Kale Zimny


Category, News Specialty Report/Series – Business/Consumer
Thieves in the Night: Bryan Polcyn – reporter; Stephen Davis, Jeff Frings, Aaron Frye, Dave Michuda, Jim Wilson, Kale Zimny – Producers

Category #6-m News Specialty Report/Series — Specialty Assignment Report
Bridge on the Brink – Brad Hicks, Reporter; Craig Sween, Kale Zimny


Category #21-f Outstanding Crafts Achievement for On-Camera Talent — General Assignment Reporter – Brad Hicks


Category #27-a Outstanding Crafts Achievement Editor: Photographer — News – Andrew Konkle


Category #4-b Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering — Investigative Series (Award to the Reporter/Producer)
Speaking Up for Special Needs: Meghan Dwyer, Reporter, David Michuda, Producer


Category #5-a Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering — Serious News (Hard) Feature (Award to the Reporter/Producer)
Baaa’d Medicine: Bryan Polcyn, Reporter; Stephen Davis, Erica Drehfal, Jerry Imig, Andrew Konkle, Dave Michude, Tim Primeau, LeeAnn Watson, Jim Wilson


Category Outstanding Crafts Achievement Photographer — News – Andrew Konkle



  • Liberal Hypocrisy

    Its actually 12 Emmys. They got an Emmy for deleting posts they don’t like on this site. They have shown to be experts at it. They also got an Emmy for being “unfair and unbalanced” in news reporting. I know they are proud!

  • Hell in a handbasket

    I haven’t watched Faux 6 news at 9 for about a year now since they have become blatantly liberal (since the Chicago Tribune bought them in December 2013) and I’m still reeling from the departure of Anne State (she was so good looking) but I question why Brad Hicks is still receiving Emmy’s for the railroad thing (what is it 3 years in a row)?

  • Jane P. Sorenson

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from the “Top News Station” – Reporters, Producers, & Crew. Congratulations!!!

  • Jane P. Sorenson

    Your right to “freedom of speech” is protected under our Constitutional rights, My only question to you (Liberal Hypocrisy) is that you “hide behind a faux name” – just like “Hell In A Handbasket. In my opinion, you, along with a few other people have a simple case of “sour grapes”. My suggestion to anyone with “sour grapes” is to be more positive in attitude, kind to others, and make some sweet wine. Wishing you all a “more positive” future. Take care.

    • Liberal Hypocrisy

      Wow Jane!! You do work there! By the way, “sour grapes” is calling people vile names because they don’t agree with you or the media (Penzey et al). “Sour grapes” is doing recounts after you said you conceded and told your supporters to accept the results (Hillary). “Sour grapes” is deleting posts because you don’t like or agree with what they say (Fox6 News). “Sour grapes” Jane?

      • chris

        Of course she works there. You can tell by how shes sucking up to the station and takes offense if you have an opinion that differs from hers .Liberal mentality. Accuse people of having “sour grapes” because you don’t agree with their views. I’m surprised Faux 6 on air personalities aren’t wearing safety pins. Maybe next year they’ll win an Emmy for best impersonation of CNN.

      • Jane P. Sorenson

        Liberal Hypocrisy you are making “ass-uming & hypocritical” statements. My position of work is not in the news profession. And like you, with the power of “Free Speech” that you enjoy so much, I am entitled to my opinion as well.

  • Jane P. Sorenson

    So, in essence here Liberal Hypocrisy, “We agree to disagree” in regards to the awards while you are making some very wrong assumptions. If you do happen to work in the news industry- my suggestion/opinion to you is to switch professions or get your facts strait – because otherwise you will run into a lot of trouble (defamation of character suits against you).

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