State trooper shares photos of smashed up squad; reminds drivers to move over for law enforcement

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Wisconsin State Patrol

A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper is spreading a message after his squad was struck by a vehicle Sunday, December 4th, as the first accumulating snowfall fell in southeastern Wisconsin.

David Schmidt posted to Facebook Sunday, and said his squad was struck while he was inside it — protecting another crash scene.

Schmidt said he suffered a minor injury in the crash that he said happened on northbound I-41, north of State Highway 60– but he said “I will live to serve another day without permanent/life-altering effects. Other troopers have not been so lucky — losing limbs and/or their life.”

After the scary situation Sunday, Schmidt said he wants to remind drivers that Wisconsin law requires drivers to reduce speeds and move over for emergency vehicles on the roadway.

Schmidt also shared photos showing the damage done to his squad during the crash:



  • David

    Very glad he will be ok. It seems especially with the first Winter weather of the year. So many forget to make the adjustments to their driving. I would like to take this opportunity also to ask that everyone start to understand that the “move over” law does NOT require to move over AND slow down, but actually requires to move over Or slow down. This is extremely important as I’ve been in the passing lane many times in these situations and because of the misunderstanding of this law, many cars from the right hand lane simply panic and dart left and change lanes when they see a vehicle on the shoulder. This creates very unsafe conditions. The key here is to be safe with any driving maneuver regardless…. I have seen some very close calls and it’s been often. …. Thanks Officer for serving and protecting all of us !!!

  • The boss

    How can you not see a cruiser in front of you with flashing lights? I bet they were probably on their phone. Smh! Clumsy driver!

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