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Brendan Dassey’s attorneys file new documents outlining why he should be released

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Brendan Dassey

Brendan Dassey’s attorneys on Tuesday, December 6th filed new documents outlining why Dassey should be released from prison.

Dassey was convicted in 2007 of helping his uncle Steven Avery kill Teresa halbach.

A judge threw out that conviction — saying Dassey was coerced into confessing.

The state appealed that decision, and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals stayed the motion.

The state has two weeks to respond to Tuesday’s briefs from Dassey’s attorneys.


  • S. Avery

    Let him out he is innocent!! They have denied him his right to turn in his sixth hour class project and prevented him from watching Wrestlemania. Enough is enough already we know he is innocent. FREE BRENDAN!!

  • justiceforbrendandasseyblog

    Brendan Dassey was an innocent he was manipulated, he was coerced, anyone and particularly a just credible judge can see that – hence Judge Duffins decision. If the 7th Circuit are truly purveyors of justice they will uphold Brendans constitutional rights and release him. This is a farce and an embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin. That coerced confession without any corroborating evidence wouldnt have made it past any decent prosecutor

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