Dating during the holidays: Keeping new and budding relationships from breaking up, but how?

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MILWAUKEE -- The holidays are stressful, but throw in a new love interest and you might even see Santa squirm. Julie Amann of "It's Just Lunch" joins Real Milwaukee with some seasonal dating do's and don'ts.

What's the best way for singles and couples to navigate all of the holiday hoopla?

Mingle as a Single
Just because you don`t have a date doesn't mean you have to be a Grinch.

  • DO: Do get out and accept invites to all of the different events you may be invited to! You never know -- you may meet someone! I always advise my clients to break out of their comfort zone. You`re never going to meet someone new if you go to the same places and do the same things.
  • DON`T: Don`t give in to the holiday blues! The holidays may make you feel lonely, but nothing can bring you out of a 'funk' like being around new people. Keep busy and pamper yourself. Focus on the positive -- because positivity is attractive!

Office Party Etiquette
Whether yours is a low-key affair or a big 'to do', it can often be intimidating for a new date to meet your co-workers.

  • DO: Do consider whether this will actually be fun for your date! A bunch of people standing around talking shop may not be his or her idea of a good time. If your 'new honey' will enjoy it, then by all means, take him as your 'Plus One'. If not, he'll probably be relieved if you let him off the hook, explaining it'll be easier on both of you that way.
  • DON`T: On the flipside -- don`t be offended if your new date doesn`t take you to HIS office party either. It doesn`t mean the relationship is doomed!

Meeting the Family
Family and romance don`t always mix -- so make sure you and your date are really ready to take that next step!

  • DO: Do try to impress the host -- whether it`s a mom, an aunt, or a cousin! Putting your best foot forward by bringing either a hostess gift, a dish to share, or even offering to clean up isn`t just good manners, but it also shows respect for your date and their family!
  • DON`T: Don`t overstay your welcome! A family dinner can be exhausting enough -- let alone an entire weekend. Make sure you`re taking breaks to spend time alone. Taking a breather from your family will make it more enjoyable for you both.

Gift Giving
Gifts could be the trigger to sending a budding relationship into a nosedive! So...

  • DO: Do talk about gift giving ahead of time so that you`re both on the same page! It would be awkward -- and feelings could be hurt -- if one gets a gift and the other doesn't. Having the same expectations is always a plus!
  • DON`T: Don`t go overboard buying your date presents or he or she may think you are more serious than you really are.


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