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“Do you want me to kill them all?” Teens ages 14, 15 charged as adults in connection with alleged murder plot

RACINE COUNTY -- Two teenagers have been criminally charged as adults in connection with an alleged murder plot.burlington-murder-plot3

The accused are 15-year-old Jasminne Piechocki and 14-year-old Darryl Roeschen. They are each facing one felony count of conspiracy to commit second degree intentional homicide, and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

Despite the fact that they've been charged as adults -- their mugshots are not being released by authorities at this time because they are both underage.

According to a criminal complaint, on Tuesday, December 6th, the principal at Karcher Middle School was made aware that a student, Piechocki, had sent a list of names of individuals she allegedly wanted to kill to her boyfriend -- Roeschen.

The principal learned of this from Piechocki's mother, who discovered alarming messages on Facebook between Piechocki and Roeschen:

Roeschen: "Do you want me to kill them all?"

Piechocki: "Yes."

Roeschen: "Need a list."

The complaint says Piechocki's mother told investigators these conversations "scared her, and she didn't sleep all night."

The next day, she went to the principal.

Karcher Middle School

Karcher Middle School

Authorities spoke with Piechocki, who was brought to the principal's office at the middle school. Piechocki told investigators she and Roeschen were video chatting for a few days. She said she'd made some "bad decisions" in the way she had spoken to him. During the interview, Piechocki was asked about the list she sent to Roeschen. She told investigators she gets "really mad when people say things to her," saying it "makes her really upset."

Piechocki said the names she sent to Roeschen were "individuals she didn't like to  deal with herself." She said she "doesn't like what they say."

According to the complaint, when Piechocki was asked why she sent Roeschen the list, and she stated that "she knew he wouldn't kill them." She said the people on the list were people that "say things that make her mad, they are mean to her, and they try to get Roeschen to break up with her and interfere with her relationship."

Piechocki later stated to investigators she has thoughts that she "shouldn't think of," and that she has a "really dark mind." She said she "thinks of people hanging dead, but doesn't want to hurt anyone." She also stated that she thinks about "people being slaughtered, eaten, tortured and stabbed."

According to the criminal complaint, Piechocki also stated to investigators she thinks of hitting, slapping, stabbing and shooting people in the head.

Karcher Middle School

Karcher Middle School

She admitted to video chatting with Roeschen about the list once before, "a day or two ago," investigators said.

Piechocki said they talked about people she hates, as well as a few she'd like to kill -- but they did not discuss specific people or details.

Piechocki told investigators "she felt relieved" when she sent Roeschen the list because she "no longer had to deal with them."

Investigators also spoke with Roeschen, who stated he wouldn't actually go and kill these people because he "isn't a psychopath." He stated he was joking -- and said it was normal for people in society to say they were going to go and kill people, according to the complaint.

Roeschen explained he was initially surprised when Piechocki sent a list, but he only talked about it "to make her feel better so that she would know that he has her back." He stated he was "not going to actually kill people."

Karcher Middle School

Karcher Middle School

According to the complaint, a large pair of stainless steel scissors were found in Roeschen's backpack in his locker on Tuesday. He told investigators he stole the scissors from a teacher because he was "going to hurt himself," however he did not -- so he was planning to give them back but never did.

Piechocki and Roeschen made initial appearances in court in this case on Wednesday, December 7th. Probable cause was found for further proceedings in this case.

Cash bond was set at $2,000 for Piechocki, along with a co-signature bond of $50,000 to be signed with her mother.

Preliminary hearings were scheduled for December 15th.

As for Roeschen, a $50,000 surety bond was set, to be co-signed with his father.


  • Dylan Minnich

    Who was on the List and why didn’t any parents get told that these dangerous people were talking about killing someones kids or even parents. I think that parents should of be notified about what was going on and who’s kids were on that list. What is those two students actually attempted to kill one of the people that was on the list. Then what, you would tell the parents that your kid has been stabbed by the crazy students. I am a Student at Karcher and I have a hard time coming to school with these crazy students saying they are going to kill someone.

    • Judas Priest

      I totally agree with you, how many times a day do people say that would like to kill that guy going slow in the left lane? a whole lot of them, does anyone kill him? No, they go around him and go on their way. This whole story is Lame

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