Man living inside giant red kettle to raise money for the Salvation Army

CHEBOYGAN COUNTY, MI — A Michigan man is taking the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign to a whole new level.

Greg Bock is living inside a giant red kettle until the Salvation Army in his community raises $10,000.

Bock says he’s not sure how long he’ll be there but he’s confident the community will come through. In the meantime, he’s got a heat lamp, a boombox playing Christmas tunes and lots of blankets.

“It could be today. it could be five days from now. It could be ten days from now, but I have faith itt will come through. Cheboygan’s a giving community,” said Bock.

He says he’s doing it to help all the people who don’t have a home.


  • BBC

    As long as they “RING” those ANNOYING BELLS I will NEVER EVER give them a penny!
    I know they are there. I can see them as I walk to the door of my local stores. IF I want to give I know I can. I do NOT need to hear a GODD_MM BELL! They are not the Good Humor ice cream man.

  • David

    Why doesn’t he pure a bucket of cold water on himself and spend the night outside like a homeless person would?

  • John

    Charities are a scam.
    Most of the money goes to running the “business” NOT helping anyone.
    People need jobs and a home. NOT handouts.

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