Susan Olsen, who played Cindy on “Brady Bunch” fired after interview with gay actor

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SANTA MONICA, CA - APRIL 14: Actresses Susan Olsen, Florence Henderson and Maureen McCormick pose backstage at the 5th Annual TV Land Awards held at Barker Hangar on April 14, 2007 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for TV Land)

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles radio station says former “Brady Bunch” star Susan Olsen has been fired after she got into an online confrontation with openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting.

LA Talk Radio announced on Friday, December 9th that it will not tolerate hateful speech and that it has severed ties with the host.

Us Weekly reports ( Acord-Whiting criticized Olsen, the co-host of “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics,” after he was a guest on the show.

Olsen, 55, who played Cindy Brady in the TV show, posted on her Facebook page that Acord-Whiting blocked her “before I could even get one hit in.”

Acord-Whiting later posted a screenshot of a Facebook message he says Olsen sent to him. In the screenshot, Olsen appears to call the actor an offensive term for gay men.


  • Opinion8d

    Give me a break…..effing PC crowd…..they are just words – and most of them used to have a different meaning….but because some group ‘claims’ the term as offensive, anyone that says it is censored??

    • confused

      Pretty much saying if you ain’t pc you ain’t @#$% and are not allowed to say anything because it will be considered hate speech. for instance speaking to a passerby: Nice sunny day isn’t it? Passerby: How can you say that? How? can’t you tell I am vision impaired? I cannot see the sun you hateful biased “seer” That’s what its going to come down to. Don’t speak to anyone, don’t smile, don’t nod, just walk on by head down into that narcissist texting, insta gram ,snap chat, FB posting about how horrid everyone is to you.

      • Normandywells

        come on, dumdum. This has nothing to do with being PC. The wacky meth head biitch called a gay man the F word-no different than calling a black man the N word. Did you even read the story? It wasn’t some stranger she called this horrid name-he was a guest on her show.

    • WritesOnParade

      So it’s okay to be disrespectful to people? What happened to basic human respect towards each other, saying please and thank you or not calling somebody a racial or homophobic slur. Oh that’s too PC? How about be a decent human being?

    • Normandywells

      youre being a little stupid here-a business has the right to employ people that represent them. This is no different than if the little curly haired girl called a black man the N word.

  • deletedagain

    Years ago I said the worst thing my generation (I’m in my sixties) did was to bring on all this PC garbage. I was lambasted to no end because other people in my generation were insulted by that…..sad…I was insulted that they were insulted.

  • Those that are gay need to repent now!

    Your GAY lifestyle is a sin you PC snowflakes and myself and other Christians will call it what it is – an abomination and sin in the eyes of God! The unsaved will of course keep defending those people as they don’t want to be told they can’t sin and have the mistaken idea that those sinners who partake in that activity do not have a choice in it and are “born that way”, which is absolute nonsense.

  • Normandywells

    Talk about stupid-what was this meth head thinking? You don’t get to call people the N word or the F word without repercussion! Shameful that Robert Reed was like a father to her (her own words) yet her heart was still black and vile.

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