“2 old ladies” fought back against carjacking suspects, part of ‘Cut Throat Mob’ car theft ring

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MILWAUKEE -- Several suspects believed to be connected to a car theft ring have been arrested after terrorizing residents in Milwaukee. Two victims surprised the suspects -- by fighting back!

The women said they're glad the suspected thieves are now behind bars. They said they feel they were targeted because of their unassuming appearance, but their actions proved everyone wrong.

Miriam Ben-Shalom

Miriam Ben-Shalom

"Two old ladies, nice car -- easy mark. Guess again!" Miriam Ben-Shalom said.

Ben-Shalom proved looks can be deceiving in late October when she pulled up to Hotel Metro near Mason and Milwaukee Street in downtown Milwaukee.

"The valet opened the door. I opened the back trunk to get her walker out, and you hear 'vroom, vroom,'" Ben-Shalom said.

According to a criminal complaint, a suspect quickly hopped into the driver's seat.

Hotel Metro

Hotel Metro

"I go around and here -- the kid is trying to pull him away from the car and they were fighting and I realize, 'this is a carjacking' and I went and tackled the kid and put a hold on him. I got up and I put the toe of my boot in a socially significant place," Ben-Shalom said.

Ben-Shalom, a former Army drill sergeant still has moves.

"I took some taekwondo, some karate. I was also taught legal holds and restraints," Ben-Shalom said.

Hotel Metro

Hotel Metro

Her partner, also well-versed as a result of training at the Citizens Academy stepped in.

"I took my cane and moved hoodie back so I could try get a look at him," Karen Weiss said.

Karen Weiss

Karen Weiss

As they tried to stop the theft, a Jeep, reportedly with suspects Jesus Lazaro and Giovanni Zurfluh inside, sped over, and officials say Zurfluh pointed a gun.

"I put up my hands and backed away and they got into the Jeep Cherokee and drove away," Ben-Shalom said.

They got away, but Ben-Shalom and her partner had key information.

"It was a white license plate with light green numbers and it was a black Jeep Cherokee," Ben-Shalom said.

More than a month later, they were able to identify the suspects in a lineup.

Jesus Lazaro, Giovanni Zurfluh, Junior Moreno

Jesus Lazaro, Giovanni Zurfluh, Junior Moreno

Turns out, Lazaro and Zurfluh, along with Junior Moreno are allegedly part of the "Cut Throat Mob," or CT Mob, a group accused of dozens of vehicle thefts and other crimes, including a property theft involving MMA star Anthony Pettis.

Break-ins at Anthony Pettis' home

Break-ins at Anthony Pettis' home

"I'm very glad we were able to help out and get these punks off the street," Ben-Shalom said.

Lazaro, Zurfluh and Moreno are facing a combined 31 charges.


  • Edith

    They should immediately tried, found guilty, then a severe penalty should be administered. I suggest they setup some gallows outside the court house and watch tough boys wet their pants. Too bad the nice ladies weren’t packing a Uzi, seems she had the skills to handle it and provide covering fire while her mate extinguishes the felons with her bare hands.

  • Earlyrider

    The media should never have put their full name and pictures in the news. When these criminals get out of jail Thursday they may seek revenge.
    Again, the media has to sensationalize regardless of the consequences . Remember the riots? Who really caused them? Who terrorizes us? Who keeps showing pictures of the terrorists turning them into heroes for others who support their cause. MIV (media induced violence)

  • confused

    Way to go gals! LOL @ socially significant place. Where was the valet while this was going on? No tip for you.

  • Menomonie Home

    take a good look at the old people kids.. we are the Baby Boomers a ton from Service of Our Country 1960 to 1975…hahahah who you want to mess with some one old that could be a kick ass Marine SGT or Vet from Nam. or one of your narrow pants dragging bud’s look hard try to use your brain. jail or drive a way slowly.. for that Old lady or Gent could change your life for ever..

  • mark

    lol, after these punks get released and go back to their ‘cut throat mob’ gang, can you see how they explain this to their leader?

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