LIVE: Community leaders hold news conference in advance of Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Milwaukee

After President-elect Trump’s stop in Wisconsin, Charlie Sykes talks about the election at Milwaukee Press Club

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MILWAUKEE -- President-elect Donald Trump continued his "Thank You Tour," stopping at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center Tuesday evening, December 13th.

"We won Wisconsin for the first time since 1984 -- 32 years ago," President-elect Trump said.

Wisconsin Republicans celebrated along with the President-elect during the rally.

President-elect Donald Trump in West Allis

Gov. Scott Walker, House Speaker Paul Ryan, President-elect Donald Trump in West Allis

Gov. Scott Walker, House Speaker Paul Ryan, President-elect Donald Trump in West Allis

Mr. Trump mocked Wisconsin's presidential recount, but said it was worth it because it showed he won by even more.

Charlie Sykes

Charlie Sykes

On Wednesday, conservative radio host Charlie Sykes spoke about the election at the Milwaukee Press Club.

Sykes, who has been critical of President-elect Trump was also critical of the role of the mainstream media in the election.

"I think we've had a definite dumbing down of the media, and unfortunately that has also resulted, and I know we're never supposed to talk about voters this way, it has coarsened the level of discourse in this country," Sykes said.

Skyes will be leaving his mid-morning show on 620 WMTJ and his weekly television show Sunday Insight. He's ending his radio show after 23 years -- with his final show on Monday, December 19th.


  • Thomas Anspaugh

    I listened to Charlie a lot when in my car but I turned him off when he turned on Trump. Charlie did not understand the movement and stuck to his Libertarian ways. He was so wrapped up in his own opinion and missed the mood of the country fed up with politicians and big business who sold out their country for profits.

  • liberty

    He drank the Cool-Aid and is looking through Hillary Glasses. He is thinking like the Elite, that he is smarter than the common people! Trump is for The People and not acting above the people. Obama thinks anybody who disagrees with him is racist to make himself look better. The Muslim Brotherhood member that he is. Even the Egyptian News said that was true, but the Liberal Media never reported it. I guess the Elite figure everyone is like the dummies following Obama in line to the slaughter. Sad for America, but the real Americans can see the truth. “God Bless America”

  • swamp draining

    I was a-bit taken back when he tried to score a win with trump on his radio show. Seems the PEOTUS turned the tables on him and the rest of the mainstream media, elites, millennial drones, etc etc. The great citizens of this country saw their duty and saved the country from decades of liberal metrosexual decadence. The liberals lost because of their self serving ignorant comments and stupidity. You all think were just going to sit around and let you destroy our country. don’t thinks so. Welcome to the new era of Trumpism children.

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