“These little (expletive) stole my car!” His truck taken, he took off after it — the whole thing caught on camera

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man said the cold weather is to blame after his truck was stolen. Thieves struck as he was warming it up. He got it back, however, after chasing after the criminals -- the whole thing caught on camera.

"Like I said, I was angry. I was mad -- and I wanted my stuff back," Daunte Ealy said.

Daunte Ealy

Daunte Ealy

Ealy said it all started when he stepped away from his truck on Tuesday morning, December 13th.

"I was warming up the car and keeping the car warm, and it was about two seconds," Ealy said.

His truck started rolling away.

"I ran in the middle of the street trying to catch the car, and then a lady almost hit me, and then I jumped in her car and said 'can you take me to my car? It`s right there. Please.' I`m looking at it right down the street," Ealy said.

The stranger agreed.

Daunte Ealy chases suspects who stole his truck

Daunte Ealy chases suspects who stole his truck

Ealy said they caught up to his truck a few blocks away -- where teen suspects were meeting up with a second stolen car. When they realized they were being followed, they bailed on the truck.

"Then he gets in the car, and I jump in my car, and the chase started from there," Ealy said.

Ealy began streaming live on Facebook.

Daunte Ealy goes live on Facebook as he's chasing suspects who stole his truck

Daunte Ealy goes live on Facebook as he's chasing suspects who stole his truck

"These little (expletive) stole my car!" Ealy said in the Facebook Live video.

Ealy chased the thieves down snow-covered streets -- even on the wrong side of the road. Looking back, Ealy said he wasn't thinking clearly.

"I really didn`t care at the time. I just wanted my stuff back," Ealy said.

Daunte Ealy chases suspects who stole his truck

Daunte Ealy chases suspects who stole his truck

Ealy said in addition to the truck, the suspects stole cash and credit cards. And this wasn't the first time Ealy's had a vehicle stolen from him.

"I ain`t want to take no loss with this car, so I just went with it," Ealy said.

Daunte Ealy chases suspects who stole his truck

Daunte Ealy chases suspects who stole his truck

During the chase, the video shows one person bailing from the vehicle -- and eventually, all of the suspects were able to get away.

Ealy said he shared the video to show how quickly things like this can happen.

"Don`t leave your keys in the car. Stay outside with your car until it warms up," Ealy said.

Ealy said this chase will be his last.

"It`s a lesson learned for me, too. Never to do it again. Ever," Ealy said.

Ealy is a father, a student and he works overnight. He said he simply didn't want to be without a vehicle again. He admitted that he put his life in danger, and the lives of others.

Milwaukee police discourage taking matters into your own hands in situations like this. You should call police, and let them handle it.

Police said there have been nearly 6,000 vehicle thefts in Milwaukee in 2016 -- but the good news is that's down 14 percent from 2015.


  • The boss

    Anyone living in Milwaukee should know by now that you just can’t leave a running vehicle unattended. In cold weather like this,these hood rats know people will leave vehicles unattended and therefore steal them.

  • Denise

    Wow, the car theft is 1 for every 100 people. There should be some stiffer penalties out their like immediate firing squad or gallows if caught, it probably would slow down the thefts to zero within a day or two.

  • Fdsaqwrr

    This Ealy Guy is a felon and he is talking about his only pistol in the car. He is a thug. Chasing the car around this city is terrible he should be locked up just like the thugs that took his car. Milwaukee is a war zone no wonder all the normal people are moving out.

    • Metal Maniac

      Ever hear of a thing called justice? Probably not because you live in Milwaukee. If someone who tries to get their belongings back from thieves should be locked up then you are gonna need a jail cell for about 40% of this planet because there are plenty of us who still believe in street justice.

      • Fdsaqwrr

        Did you not see how he was driven. During the day passing school buses going through stop signs and driven the wrong way. Just another thug. Sorry your got stolen but you can’t chase a car like you r putting some many lives ar risk for your mistake.

    • Dave Reed

      it seem like most of ya’ll white individual hate what do this man past records got to do with his car getting took from him we all can look up somebody name i looked his name up he caught case as a juvenile as a teen its 14 years later this man 31 with 8 kids go to school and work two jobs if that was my car i would’ve did the same thing unlike some of you scamming ass white folks daunte ealy don’t let negative & ignorant people bring you down people so quite to judge lets judge how this white people shooting up malls, movies places, school and the first thing they use is he been diagnose with some mental problem but if a black person did that act thing they call him a thug

  • Metal Maniac

    Ohhh boy, the Milwaukee police discourage this. Maybe if they were so busy crossing swords at dunkin donuts they would have their city under control.

    I think this guy did the right thing and is exactly what i would have done. I wish those kids would have ran into a pole. He should have parked his car in the alley and chased the one kid who bailed. 100% that kid would have snitched if the pressure was put on him.

  • James

    notice that he hasn’t gotten a ticket for leaving his vehicle running while not being attended and all the stuff you pulled in the video

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