“Femelle will be missed:” Western lowland gorilla dies at Milwaukee County Zoo

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Zoo has announced the death of its western lowland gorilla, Femelle. She passed away on December 12th at an estimated age of 54.

Femelle arrived at the Milwaukee County Zoo in 1985 from the National Zoo — and gave birth to four offspring.

In the Facebook post below, Femelle is pictured with 2-year-old Sulaiman, who even though was not one of her own, she still demonstrated great maternal care and patience with him.


    • Reasonless

      Sheriff Clarke was trying to hide this.
      Its because of Fox 6 excellent reporting that this story was uncovered.

    • Reasonless

      Once Fox 6 blows this story wide open and exposes Sheriff Clarke’s negligence, the riots will begin.
      Femelle should never have died in that cell.
      Clarke needs to step down.

  • Reasonless

    What a terrible and tragic shame.
    Another one dies on Sheriff Clarke’s watch.
    Clarke needs to step down. How many more lives have to be lost.
    Femelle died like some kind of caged animal.
    She deserved so much better. She even knew the names of her four babies daddies.
    And she never even co-slept with any of her children.

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