Free at last: Wildlife In Need Center frees coyote from plastic container

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HARTLAND — A coyote is on the men at the Wildlife in Need Center (WINC) after quite the ordeal with a large plastic container.

For the last week or so, residents of one Hartland neighborhood have been watching the coyote running around with container stuck on its head. Multiple attempts by staff at the WINC and the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) to rescue the animal failed.

On Thursday morning, December 15th, the Wildlife in Need Center reports the coyote got himself caught under a deck — and a resident was able to put up a board to block him in.

A snare pole was used to safely contain the coyote and bring it back to the Wildlife In Need Center.

Since the coyote was stuck for at least one week, WINC staff did a full exam to make sure the animal was okay. Once at the WINC, staff sedated the coyote and removed the plastic container.

After a full exam, WINC staff reported the animal was underweight and dehydrated. He will spend a few days with WINC, putting on weight and rehydrating.