Flash flood watch for much of southeast Wisconsin until 9am Saturday

Recognize them? Germantown police seek suspects accused in robbery at Speedway gas station

GERMANTOWN — Germantown police are looking for four people in connection with a robbery at a gas station.

It happened November 9th at the Speedway gas station on County Line Road.

The employee became distracted, and the four suspects were able to steal more than $8,000 in cigarettes and lottery tickets.

There are two persons of interest in this case, who police say tried cashing the lottery tickets at a store in Milwaukee.


If you recognize the suspects, you’re asked to contact Germantown police.


  • Mark

    or an IQ requirement to be a clerk. How do you allow yourself to be ‘distracted’ long enough for 4 individuals to steal EIGHT thousand dollars worth of smokes and lottery tickets! dude!

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